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Update | Posted by davidludwig
Sep 22 2018

I have neglected this site for a LONG time, and for anyone who visited during that time I apologize. Right now I’m deleting all of the pending comments, because it is simply too many to sort through and no longer timely to approve them. Further apologies to any legitimate comments that get caught in the general house-cleaning. I welcome people to poke around the site and see if anything is of interest to them, but encourage everyone to hold off on commenting until I update this post to say it’s safe again.

Once the pending comment clean-up is done I’ll navigate around the site and see what else needs cleaning up or fixing and eventually update this post to say I am fully back in business. It will take a while, but once all of that is done I will eventually start posting new content again. Off the top of my head I do recall promising a walk-through for Arel Wars 2 that I’m afraid I am going to have to say is definitively not going to happen at this point.