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Friday Forecast and Lucky 7

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Apr 06 2012

So first, because I’ve finished writing and posting Lost Girls’ Society (art updates will likely continue for some time depending on Marshintire’s schedule though) I want to let you know what to expect from the site until August when I’ll begin my next major project (need some time off first though).

Still planning to stick to the Monday/Wednesday/Friday post schedule with the following themes; “My Phone Mondays” where I let you know what Apps I have on my iPhone and what I think of them (I promise to make it entertaining if perhaps less than useful to those without iPhones).

“Other-Web Wednesdays”, I’ll be making a concerted effort to get back out to others’ sites now that I’m stepping back from mine for a bit, so on Wednesday’s I’ll highlight another site I’ve been to recently.

“Forecast Fridays” will be when I open discussions about the August project and/or whatever else is coming up in the future.

Of course any day can be subbed-out for a post from Melody’s Diary while the BESM campaign I’m role-playing in continues, or any blog-challenges that post to individual sites. This coming Monday will be another entry in Melody’s Diary, though it seems Fridays will the usual day for her posts since our group often meets on Thursday.


Now on to the Lucky 7 Meme!

The magnificent Lena Corazon tagged me for the Lucky 7 Meme so I’m going to do the best I can to live up to the honor. As I understand it the meme requires;

1. Go to page 77 (or page 7) of your current MS/WIP

2. Go to line 7

3. Copy down the next 7 lines, sentences, or paragraphs, and post them as they’re written.

4. Tag 7 authors, and let them know.

Now, I’m actually between projects at the moment–I don’t actually have anything in-progress! So after much deliberation I’ve decided to post 7 paragraphs from page 7 of my complete family-movie script, “Yuki”. Starting at line 7 cuts two words out of the front of a sentence, so I’m also going to cheat a little and give you the full sentence.

Her eyes are as dark as her hair, while her DEEP RED LIPS provide sudden color to the scene. Her expression is perfectly neutral.


Puca shrinks back from Yuki’s gaze with a little gulp. Regaining her composure she straightens back up, erecting her ears to gain a little more height without transforming.


The humans are doing terrible things in the south, and we are powerless to stop them!


With another flutter from Yuki’s hair and kimono, the wind dies down completely and the clouds clear from the sky, leaving her and Puca facing each other in a snowy moonlit clearing with the forest visible all around them.


The music fades out with the wind.


PUCA (cont’d)
I know the humans fear you up here, so I was thinking maybe you could remind the humans where I come from about the power of nature?


Yuki looks sad and casts her gaze down. Quickly Puca waves her fore-paws and goes on.

Now for tagging 7 other authors… I’m going to try not to limit doubling up on writers who’ve already been tagged, but I’m not sure how possible that will be or if all of those I tag will have Works-In-Progress to post from either.

  1. Stevie McCoy, I haven’t read any of her current WIP, but I read a lot of her last one and really want to see her published.
  2. Andy Isbell, he’s got a whole lot going on so I’m sure there are some WIPs in there too–art, writing, music, I’m not sure if there’s anything he doesn’t do.
  3. Megan Quint, so her web-presence as I’m aware of it is nature journaling but she’s got a fun and engaging style and I’m sure more than a few stories to tell.
  4. Karen Valenzuela, another great author–I’m still waiting to read one of her larger works but the snippets and flash fictions I’ve seen have been brilliant.
  5. Bryce Daniels, a considerate and compelling writer with excellent insight to the human condition–I really hope to see more of him as time goes on though I’ve been neglectful of late.
  6. Brainhaze, another writer I’m ashamed to say I’ve been neglectful in my reading, even in the shortest of stories I was always floored by the genius of the twists in the story.
  7. Rebecca Clare Smith, I’m going to be shocked if she hasn’t already been tagged for this but her urban fantasy worlds and characters are too rich to ignore.