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Update | Posted by davidludwig
Sep 22 2018

I have neglected this site for a LONG time, and for anyone who visited during that time I apologize. I have deleted the comments from during my hiatus, and also apologize for any legitimate comments that got caught in that purge–there was just TOO much to sort through, though I did manage to catch 2 for approval which made me happy. It is once again safe to leave comments and I will be staying on top of those again as during my first years running the site.

Next I need to navigate around the site and see what else needs cleaning up or fixing and further update this post to say I am fully back in business. It will take a while, but once all of that is done I will eventually start posting new content again. Off the top of my head I do recall promising a walk-through for Arel Wars 2 that I’m afraid I am going to have to say is definitively not going to happen at this point.