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Sep 14 2011


Suzie could feel her own light swell vibrantly as she breathed in the sacred aura of the grove. It was good to be back in a fey-blessed area. Sure she could just stay in the Seelie Court waiting to be summoned, and phase right back when her task was done… Well, it would be allowed anyway. Suzie could never seriously consider that option. The fate of the entire world was at stake and it was her knight who was assigned to do something about it! Suzie was going to be with him every single step of the way.

Suzie smiled down at the sleeping form of her Dapper Knight, Edmund Garrison. She’d never met a more noble or fearless human in her life, and she still considered herself so lucky that the Primal Council had assigned her to be his Fey Ally. Technically it was Lady Althea who’d recruited Edmund from a frontier forest, but as an Order Speaker Althea had other responsibilities to see to and couldn’t commit to being Edmund’s Fey Ally. Suzie still didn’t really know the circumstances of Edmund’s recruitment, he didn’t like to talk about it; but apparently Lady Althea had found him hanging on to life by a thread.

There was sadness to Edmund that really touched Suzie’s heart in a way she couldn’t explain. Flitting down from the trees, Suzie could see Edmund was crying in his sleep again. Landing lightly on Edmund’s shoulder, Suzie brushed away his tears. She wasn’t about to let the dogling, Horera, see Edmund cry. Perhaps selfishly, she realized, Suzie liked to think Edmund’s tears were just for her to see.

Suzie sat down on Edmund’s shoulder and hugged her knees to her chest. She wasn’t as beautiful as Lady Althea, didn’t have very womanly proportions, and wasn’t powerful enough to assume human size, but she had spirit and with her seelie-power was very dependable in combat. When she and Edmund hit the field of battle together, the forces of evil really had something to fear!

So why was Edmund so interested in keeping this dogling girl with them? Sure, Horera was strong and loyal, but she couldn’t possibly understand what they were fighting for or what in the grand scheme of things they were up against. But Edmund seemed to consider it a matter of personal honor to look out for this little dogling—in fact, now that Suzie thought about it, it kind of seemed like they went to that orphanage specifically to find Horera.

Suzie sighed and turned her gaze to the stars. She was Edmund’s partner.







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  1. Marshintire says:

    Cool, first comment today. xD

    Seeing possessiveness from an individual that small is really adorable, especially for a picturesque sake. Suzie wiping… her Edmund’s tears away would make an awesome picture. I can imagine, if Suzie ever was noticeably jealous, Horera would have one of those “so adorable, kinda naive but not really” reactions where no sparks will fly just from sheer charisma.

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