JC 2nd

Posted by davidludwig
Sep 21 2011

JC 2nd-Eden

JC adjusted the settings on his high-frequency sword as he followed Nadine down into the tunnel by which The Old Highway went under the Lost River. Thanks to his night-vision goggles he could see in the darkened tunnel, though likely not as well as Nadine. Normally he would’ve insisted on going first, as an archaeologist he was better suited to finding safe paths and dealing with any traps there might be, plus with that bow of hers out she probably didn’t want to get too close to any enemies they encountered. But one glance was enough to tell him her night-vision equipment was better than his. JC had an archaic model that still required external power, whereas Nadine’s goggles used the natural energy field provided by a living body as their power source.

“So we’ve got a daemon somewhere in here?” Nadine whispered back while proceeding deliberately forward.

JC glanced at a statue of a frightened traveler as they crept forward, “It’s my best guess. These statues aren’t man-made, and the concentration suggests a nest.”

“That’s got to be her down in the next chamber!” Nadine signed for JC to stop.

“A medusa…” As soon as JC breathed the word he had trouble drawing in his next breath. Traps and ruins were one thing, but he and his father had always been careful to avoid confrontations with daemons. Now their only way forward was through the lair of a particularly fearsome one.

“That’s the one that turns you to stone by looking at you?” Nadine bit her lip.

JC nodded, “Well, making eye contact. Your eyes have to see hers, and reflections don’t count.” JC was shaking as he tried to figure out what to do. They had to get to Metropolis—or at least he did, and Nadine said she did too. “Our goggles might block her power too, but I really don’t want to count on that.”

“Okay, I’ll get her attention and when you have an opening finish her with your sword—it’s the strongest weapon between us.” Nadine nodded decisively.

Even as JC nodded that he understood the plan, Nadine took off running into the chamber with the medusa! His jaw dropped as he saw Nadine step up onto the rough stone of the wall and begin running over the uneven surface to rain arrows down on the daemon! He’d never seen anyone move that quickly or surely—for that matter he’d never seen that fire-speed achieved with anything other than an automatic weapon before!

Nadine had the medusa’s full fury in no time, but stayed cleverly out of range—and JC had his shot at the medusa’s back before he’d even realized he’d been creeping up on her.



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