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Oct 05 2011

Lavender – Terra

“Let’s give him an eyeful, Petals!” Lavender cast her hands out to grasp Rosie and Dandy’s on either side of her.

The surge of seelie energy between them generated a whirlwind of their respective petals around the bestial man, stopping him in his tracks. But the show was just starting, Lavender smiled. She and her younger siblings had hair and wings like the petals of the flowers for which they were named, and seelie magic that, when cast together, could drop even the most ferocious of beasts into deep slumber. Lavender was, of course, the prettiest and dressed in fine silks from the Seelie Court itself, whereas Rosie and Dandy seemed perfectly content to garb themselves in leaves.

“Look out!” Lady Althea summoned a wall of light that gave Lavender and her siblings just enough time to scatter before the bestial man roared and swiped with his huge dirty hands.

“No way!” Rosie was wide eyed, Dandy finished her thought, “It didn’t work?”

Lavender had a sudden knot in her stomach. What was Lady Althea thinking? Of course they couldn’t kill their opponent; she wouldn’t have so strongly insisted that sir Edmund and little Horera escape if this fight could be won. But Lavender had assumed they’d at least be able to slow him down!

“Cruel fiend! Justice is upon you!” Suzie screamed as she flew straight for the bestial man’s face, blades of seelie energy appearing in rings around her and launching off to meet her target before she arrived with her own dagger.

Lavender had quietly rejoined hands with her siblings for another attempt, but winced as Suzie’s seelie blades melted on the man’s face and Suzie herself was swatted aside like a mere insect. Suzie had been with sir Edmund from the beginning, while Lavender, Rosie and Dandy had only recently joined the ranks of his fey allies after he and little Horera saved their fairy-ring from demons. Sir Edmund was an inspiration, and Lavender had spent the last twenty-four hours plotting ways to get him alone for a spell. Then this monstrosity appeared, mad with bloodlust and apparently hunting sir Edmund or little Horera specifically. Maybe both.

Another petal storm washed ineffectually over the bestial man, not even drawing his attention this time. Suzie wasn’t moving from where she’d tumbled to the ground, and Lady Althea had drawn a silver rapier from the feywild! What was the Lady thinking? She was a Speaker and a healer, not a fighter! Even on gossamer wings she could only move so well in her elegant blue dress.

“Petals! Collect Suzie and rejoin Edmund!” Lady Althea called regally over to Lavender.

“My lady!” Lavender gasped, “What are you thinking?! You must flee as well!”

“I will be alright.” Lady Althea smiled, narrowly evading a blow from the bestial man.

Even as she and her siblings swooped down and picked up the unconscious Suzie, Lavender couldn’t tear her eyes from Lady Althea’s battle. Her swordsmanship was brilliant, but the bestial man didn’t seem to even feel the sting of the Lady’s rapier. Even if she assumed human size, Lavender knew there was nothing more she could contribute to this battle… But why was Lady Althea still fighting? She was risking too much, sir Edmund and little Horera already had a full minute’s head start!

“Sis!” Dandy called, and Rosie finished, “It’s time to go!”

Lavender nodded, “Return to the Seelie Court, take Suzie to the healing chamber. I’ll be right behind you.”

Lavender was the eldest of their bouquet, so they listened. Even though terribly outmatched, retreating with every exchange, Lady Althea was deliberately guiding the bestial man away from the path sir Edmund and little Horera had taken! Lavender felt a surge of unseelie energy in her heart, and realized she was watching what she hadn’t been meant to see. What she hadn’t wanted to see.

The bestial man snapped the Lady’s rapier with one hand, and plunged the other through her torso. Lady Althea’s blue dress and long white hair were instantly stained crimson as the Lady fell.

“My Lady…” Lavender returned to the Seelie Court with tears in her eyes.



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