Posted by davidludwig
Oct 12 2011

Phillipa – Eden

“W-who are you?!” the pathetic scum needed both trembling arms to keep his handgun pointed at Phillipa.

Phillipa laughed and shook her head. She wasn’t sure why her mother had thought Phillipa was needed for this job—sure there’d only been one way in, but the scum only had five body-guards and only two of those even had guns. Oh, but maybe all the regular enforcers were already busy? In spite of her ability, Phillipa had definitely noticed she didn’t get first pick of jobs. It sucked being nine. Just because she was the youngest they treated her like she didn’t know anything, even though she was probably the best enforcer her dad had—after her mom of course.

“I said who are you?!” the scum screamed louder, like it would make a difference. “What do you want from me?!”

Curling some of her purple-white hair around a finger, Phillipa shook her head again. “You’re behind on your payments. It’s a dangerous world we live in, what did you think would happen if you fell behind on paying your protection money?”

Was this guy already injured or did the loser actually think he was positioned the way he wanted to be? Sitting on his butt, back to the wall and legs pointing straight at Phillipa. In that position he couldn’t get out of the way if she wanted to do anything to him, and the way his arms were shaking without a brace-point for the gun, he’d probably miss her if he fired anyway. This wasn’t even going to be fun! Phillipa actually liked it when they fought back; it was like those pre-Reclamation video-games her dad kept in his safe-room. And she was good!

“What are you going to do?” the scum actually sounded confused.

The heavy wash of ozone from behind her should’ve given him a pretty good idea, even if it had already gone to his head. Phillipa actually felt sorry for him.


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