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Oct 19 2011

Zedarra – Fantasia

Zedarra grasped Yezen’s forearm as she pulled him out of the stone cocoon he’d been trapped in. She didn’t even need to focus on containing her energy to avoid shocking him, she didn’t have any left. Somehow she managed to evoke a blessing of healing to cure the worst of the gnome’s injuries, and in the background life energy sparked off of her spirit bear to heal the rest of her fatigued companions.

“Are you all right, Yezen?” Zedarra’s elemental eyes met the gnome’s fey ones.

“I’m alive…” He grinned, “Guess we all are, right? We did,” Yezen winced as he tried to move, “pretty good.”

Zedarra frowned, prompting a low rumble from her spirit bear. “The sorceress cannot be permitted to retain the Solar Eye. I must retrieve the artifact for my people.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Yezen waved Zedarra off as he leaned back against the remains of the cocoon to rest, “We’ll figure something out. Just need a little breather first.”

Yezen’s hawk, Elaria, flew down to land above Yezen and began fussing over him. His injuries were serious, and yet Zedarra knew he would play them up further for all the attention he could until she had sufficient power to heal him more fully. An odd little man, but charming. Zedarra rose to her feet and turned back to the rest of her companions. Though she was beaten and weary, as a shaman her duties were to others above herself. She could rest once she was sure all of her new friends were well.

Jordan the wolf was managing his own wounds admirably, though clearly appreciative of the supportive presence of Zedarra’s spirit bear. He would be asleep soon, and likely fully recovered by morning. Even the human’s cat, Andromalus, was sleeping under the protection of the spirit bear. He had shown impressive fury for a creature so small when the sorceress, Elise, had appeared. Alas after giving all they had against her unnatural monster, the party’s battle with the sorceress herself was virtually decided before it had begun.

Ah, there was the human. Alone with her book a little ways from the others. Audrey.

“Are you well, Audrey?” Zedarra sat down, much to her body’s relief, next to the human. Even sitting, Zedarra was still a good head taller than Audrey.

The human was crying! Even testing the air around her, Zedarra knew she had asked all she could of the spirits this day. Frustrated, she rummaged in her rucksack. Perhaps she still had a potion to ease Audrey’s pains. But wait… Her injuries were not serious at all. The mantle the human wore was easily as effective as the best armors crafted by Zedarra’s people, and blocked harmful magic as readily as it did blades. So then… Stress. Human thinking was all but inscrutable to Zedarra, but what Audrey required was, communication.

“What is the matter?” Zedarra made her voice softer and considered putting an arm around Audrey. Unsure what the human’s reaction to physical contact would be, Zedarra hugged her own knees instead.

“I’m sorry, Zedarra!” Audrey’s crying intensified, “I, I’m fine! D-don’t worry about m-me!”

Zedarra shook her head as Audrey buried the rest of her sobs in her hands. Humans could pick the strangest times and subjects for falsehood.

“You are not fine. I believe it would do you good to speak of what troubles you.”

With deep heaving breaths, Audrey managed to control her crying enough to resume speech. “I, I just want to go home! But I can’t do that unless I defeat Elise, and she’s so powerful! How could anyone ever beat someone like that?”

Zedarra gave a comforting smile. “Our situations are not so different. I too must defeat Elise to reclaim the Solar Eye before I can go home. We will learn together how the sorceress can be beaten.”






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