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Posted by davidludwig
Oct 24 2011

The new Lost Girls’ Society post, Nadine’s 7th page, is now up and accessible via the Pages navigation to the right or from the Lost Girls’ Society main story page above or to the right. If you’re new to the site I suggest starting from either Lost Girls’ Society or Niar Saga at the top or the right. The main story pages collect the entries in order and give you an introduction to the stories–as well as linking additional material like the Wednesday flash-fictions.

Looking ahead briefly I thought I’d give you an idea of a few special items coming to the site in the near future (no not the gallery update, that’s coming but it shouldn’t count as special no matter how late I am getting to it). I’m thinking of starting a Monday Miscellany feature on the site which will allow for the Monday home-page updates to at times break the typical mold of the site in small ways.

The first Monday Miscellany you can look forward to is a Kerri’s Creatures Comic on Halloween, October 31st. I had no idea Kerri would get her story developed the way this month has done for her, thanks to Lady Antimony‘s Ghouls Galore blog challenge and a special Extended Edition of Tuesday Tales. Then coming in November I intend to use Monday Miscellany to actually get some reader interaction with the worlds of Lost Girls’ Society–so get ready for it and tell your friends, going to want writers, readers and anyone with any interest in creativity. Until then please note the current poll, and the one that will follow it, in the sidebar will in fact impact the course of Lost Girls’ Society.

On the topic of blog challenges and creativity, I thought I should mention a few I’m part of that you really should check out if you want to flex your writing muscles, join amazing online communities of writers, or even just find a reliable source of good weekly reading.

There is of course Lady Antimony herself, the first blog challenger I became involved with. Every month since the first Seven Sins challenge with her she’s provided further opportunity for writers to come together and tackle common prompts. Ghouls Galore, the seed for Kerri’s Creatures, is the October challenge and worth hunting down the other entries.

Then on Mondays we have Cara Michaels‘ Menage Monday challenges–three part prompt and 200 words with again a great community of regulars that is still growing. Every Monday you can submit your brilliance to her site in the comments and be recognized by other authors, or just stop by and read some amazing flash fiction.

And on Tuesdays there’s The Glitterlady‘s now (or soon to be) legendary Tuesday Tales. Really amazing how rapidly that community has grown. You get 100 words, so it’s quick, but everyone makes their words count so I never envy the guest judges.

I know there’s more great blog challenges out there, in fact I think there’s a Week in Flash or something like that with challenges every day of the week, but these are all the more I can juggle on top of my other activities. Feel free to check them out or link to your favorite blog challenges in comments.

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