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Nov 02 2011

Arella – Eden

Maybe she’d just never known him as well as she’d thought. Of course, Arella had thought that no one had known him—or at least no one had known him better than she did. That had seemed like the whole point of Flint Foster, the iconic international man of mystery. Arella would have never believed that Flint would settle down, take a wife and raise a family. But now that she knew he had, and she still couldn’t picture him having done so with her… Well that certainly put things in perspective.

It was impossible to regret even a moment spent with Flint Foster, but still it hurt a little to realize she’d been nothing more than a field for wild oats when apparently another woman had gotten the whole man. How different would her life have been if any of those oats had grown? Flint must have a hundred illegitimate kids around the world. Or at least there must’ve been that many before the Reclamation. Now, who knew? Nadine had Flint’s beautiful sapphire blue eyes; it was obvious she was his daughter. Also, for better or worse, Arella couldn’t pretend for a second that Nadine was anything but legitimate.

There was something about Flint that those who got close to him gained some of his strength. It’s how Arella had survived the Reclamation herself, using the strength left from her days with the Flint Foster. But Nadine had so much of it, so much more than Arella had ever had. She was Flint’s daughter alright. Born and raised. From the moment she first laid eyes on Nadine, Arella’s heart had ached with longing. She wanted Flint’s daughter so much. She wanted Nadine to be her daughter.

Silly luxuries from a lost world that Arella had stashed away without ever really believing she’d ever use again had been handed over to the bright young woman. And the shine in Nadine’s eyes as she’d accepted the gifts and asked questions about her father had made Arella feel proud. Proud of another woman’s daughter. Flint’s beautiful daughter. Nadine Foster.

How many times had Arella risked her life for Flint in those months after they first met? Oh, he’d used her so shamelessly… But then he always came through for her when it mattered, and by the time he walked away she should have been well positioned for the rest of her life. Then the Reclamation came, and regardless of what anybody said there was no way Flint had just let it happen. No, it was just something beyond even his control. So much had been lost; otherwise Arella would have never dipped back into this dark world, or taken a job working for this sort of scum.

But now Flint’s daughter had appeared and Arella felt that old familiar feeling, where for years there had been only the numbness left by the destruction of the Reclamation. She was ready to risk her life again. She had to. Even if it was for the last time. Nadine needed to hear what the word on her father was. And she needed to be warned.

“Ms. Ashley?” Nadine’s voice accompanied the knock on Arella’s door.

One last check to make sure she’d squashed all the bugs in the room and Arella turned her attention back to the door. It was time. “Come in, Nadine!”








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    Keep her bow & arrows, but like I said, mass killing spree!!!!! 😉

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