Fairies of Terra

Posted by davidludwig
Nov 07 2011

Fairies of Terra

All right you lot; from all corners of the material world of Terra you’ve made your way here to be inducted into the Seelie Court. The good news is that by even finding this place you’ve proven yourself worthy of induction. The bad news is the real work starts now. My name is Mangus and I’ll be in charge of your orientation to the Seelie Court, so pay attention.

As I’m sure you’re aware, our world is balanced and maintained by the interplay of Seelie and Unseelie energy. Positive and Negative, Light and Dark, Yang and Yin. However far apart we have grown from our brothers and sisters in the Unseelie Court, they remain just as essential to the future of Terra as we are—and there would be no shame in serving with them in the name of balance; though you would be at the wrong orientation.

Undoubtedly you have noticed the turmoil in the world as of late. The truth is, as critical as balance is for the stability of the world, it doesn’t always come easily. Constant change is the nature of life; all is ephemeral and evolving even when the change isn’t outwardly evident. Sometimes when things drift too far from center, the rebalancing can become volatile and damaging. While in the grand scheme of things this still carries the world forward, it can be unpleasant for those damaged by it.

What you may not be aware of is that one thousand years ago The Primal Council decided to spare the world at large the pain of rebalancing by embodying the Seelie and Unseelie principals in chosen champions at times of severe imbalance. The battle between the two champions thus takes the place of world-wide war, and the result is carried forward to the rest of the world by fey power. We are now nearing a confrontation of champions, so I want you all to pay attention because three of you will be chosen to be present as witnesses to the battle—a great honor for new inductees such as yourselves.

First it is worth clarifying the nature of fey power, that which sets apart and makes us suited to be care-takers of the world. While mortals can wield Seelie or Unseelie energy if we give it to them, we fey are essentially physical manifestations of that energy. Only fey are inducted into either the Seelie or Unseelie courts, though here we do have an order of mortal Dapper Knights who we grant special privileges in assisting us. However even the Dapper Knights are not allowed into this sacred hall except in truly exceptional circumstances.

I realize that some among you may not be full fey, but there is no doubt based on the fact you were able to enter this place of your own power that you do have fey blood. Historically fey have arisen from the fey energy of the world spontaneously—myself and many of my fellow Primal Council Members arose this way. However as mortal races have flourished we fey have also adopted their method of partnered reproduction, in which case children are likely to be born with traits inherited from their parents. Some of you may even have mortal parents, but remember that membership in the Seelie Court represents a commitment to your fey half.

Though we each have natural forms and talents which come to us easily, as we master the fey energy from which we arise we are able to manipulate our forms. More powerful fey are able to alter their physical size with ease, and some can even freely alter their appearance.

Also, just because we align ourselves with the Seelie energy in the world don’t think we don’t have Unseelie aspects to ourselves. Seelie and Unseelie are two sides of the same coin, and as creatures of Terra we all have both within us. We choose to align ourselves with one power over the other because maintaining personal balance is much more difficult than having the external balance of the opposing Courts. Though there are some, like Lunaria—our current Head of the Primal Council—who do choose to maintain personal balance between Seelie and Unseelie. I don’t recommend it for you inexperienced or passionate individuals, but those with calm centers and an intuitive grasp of balance may find it appealing.

There are creatures of pure Seelie and pure Unseelie energy that exist beyond our realm—celestials and fiends respectively. Though fey such as us can resemble the angels and demons who purely embody one side of the energy or another, we are fundamentally different because we do contain both—and our personal balance can even shift as Terra’s balance does. Those outsiders are concerned with cosmic balance, which is beyond the scope of the Seelie or Unseelie Courts’ aims.

Looking around you can see there are many types of us fey; fairies, pixies, leprechauns, and nearly every stripe of creature from mortal legend. Now, you do not see any elves here. This is because elves are in fact the first race of mortals; they are extremely long lived and very closely connected to fey energy, but never arise spontaneously from the fey-energy of the world. They can be shaped by Seelie or Unseelie forces to a much greater degree than other mortals, but in the end fall just short of our level of influence.

You see, one of our critical distinguishing features is the ability to generate Seelie and Unseelie energy from within ourselves instead of having to call it out of the environment in the way mortals do. You may have already discovered your own ability to generate Seelie and Unseelie power in order to achieve magical effects. But here’s a secret that you may not have been aware of; each fey has a personal Pleasure and personal Vice that respectively generate their maximum amount of Seelie and Unseelie energy.

The most powerful of us, including myself, Lunaria and other Primal Council Members, will generate more Seelie energy by doing good than some fey can achieve even with the most exquisite form of their Pleasure—but it is worth knowing your Pleasure so you can draw on your full potential if you have to. I also recommend figuring out your Vice, if for no other reason than to make sure you do not accidentally indulge in it. They aren’t always what you’d expect, but somewhere in your heart you will already have a secret knowledge of what your Pleasure and Vice are.

Do not share your Vice with anyone. Unseelie infiltrators would love to corrupt you and turn you to their side using Unseelie energy, and your Vice is your weakest point as far as that is concerned. Balance is important, but as I’ve said, the act of balancing is at times rough. In coming here you have expressed an interest in upholding the Seelie side of the scale.

Once inducted into the Seelie Court you will be assigned rank and duties according to you aptitudes—the greatest among you may be barons, knights or other distinguished positions right from induction. Others will work their way up through the ranks as your experience grows, and many will be inducted as simple courtiers and find the position to your liking and never seek advancement. Some of you may choose to become involved in our Fey Ally system and partner with mortal Dapper Knights for fieldwork and missions among the mortal races. Others may accept duties that keep you for practical purposes constantly stationed here at the Court. The only position you cannot have upon initial induction is seat on The Primal Council, that comes only with experience within the Court itself.

Now that you’ve got a bit of an understanding of how things work it’s time for introductions.

As I said before, my name is Mangus. I am a leprechaun; I fought in the original balance wars before the implementation of the champion system. It was during those wars I lost my left eye to a harpy. My Pleasure is singing, don’t snicker, I’m actually quite good. I’ve been on the Primal Council for the last five hundred years, and my element is Earth. Ah, yes, elements.

That’s something else I forgot to mention. You may or not be aware of your ‘element’ at this time. It’s some very basic thing for which you have a natural affinity. In my case my element is earth; I draw strength from the ground and am able to easily impose my will on it with highly efficient expenditures of Seelie or Unseelie energy. Your elements may not be so classical—for example Lunaria’s element is Death, and our Speaker Althea’s element is Life.

So now, introduce yourselves with name, species, and Pleasure and Element if you know them. You then have 250 words to tell a story about yourself that shows your character and why you should be one of the three present at the battle of the Champions.

Submissions after December 5th will not be considered in the running for attendance at the battle. First place will have speaking lines in Lost Girls’ Society, Second place will be mentioned by name, and Third place will be present but not speak or be identified by name.

Any questions can also be resolved as comments.



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6 Responses

  1. davidludwig says:

    Mangus: Spirit of Heroism

    I guess I’ll get things rolling with my own story. As I said, my name is Mangus. I am a leprechaun, my Pleasure is Singing and my Element is Earth. My story dates back to the wars;

    I was a soldier, and a good one at that. Though my quick rise to command of my unit involved the two preceding commanders of our isolated unit being slain in battle. There were only six of us left; two gnomes, three other leprechauns and myself. Our mission was to seize or disable the ley-point in the Crystal Mountain.

    Unseelie forces were using the ley energy to enchant their flying units and charm local monsters before heading into battle. Frankly we couldn’t afford another battle with that advantage on their side. By now we all knew there was little chance of seizing the ley-point, little chance of any of us returning alive.

    I led from the front. It’s how we lost our last two commanders, but damn it all, no self-respecting leprechaun would ever bark orders from safety. Besides, deep in the mountains I was able to call down cave-ins and crush the monstrous foes before us. We lost another leprechaun to a surprise attack, with the worst still ahead.

    Just to keep us moving I launched into a hearty leprechaun war song, my remaining comrades joined in I felt the power of the ley-point ahead. We’d made it, and naught but a hundred harpies stood between us and our goal. The first harpy latched onto my face even as I grew to fill the space. Encasing myself in an armor of stone I and my comrades held that ley-point and turned the tide of the war in the region.

  2. Mary Jo Ludwig says:

    My name is Amity. I am a mermaid, or more accurately, a half-mermaid. My mother was full fey, but I identify myself more strongly with my father’s heritage. My Pleasure is peacemaking. This skill runs strongly in my family. I inherited it from my father, as he inherited it from his.

    I was raised in a home filled with love, laughter and stimulating dialogue. My father was a high-ranking member of the distinguished Citizens’ Council. He was renowned for his diplomacy skills and he served as a mentor for many trainees in the vocation, including myself. Early on, he recognized my peacemaking strength and he nurtured it.

    My world changed forever with the infamous Goblin Invasion. My father volunteered to be a peace ambassador to this deceitful race. A large contingent from our settlement departed on a pacification venture that my father must have known would fail. None of them returned. They were all brutally murdered, or so we believed. My remaining family was scattered.

    Left to augment my training alone, I rejected peacemaking. I was drawn to quiet waterways and solitary contemplation. In the ensuing years of stillness, I came to understand my water Element. Recently, my Pleasure has been rekindled. I can feel its strength building. It is calling me to reenter the world.

  3. davidludwig says:

    Lunaria: Spirit of the Fallen

    It’s good to see new faces, I’m sure you realize that change is the way of the world. You are therefore the hope of the Seelie Court. My name is Lunaria, and I am currently the head of the Primal Council. I am a fey succubus, my Element is Death, and my Pleasure is Violin. While I’m here I’ll share a story of my own;

    We didn’t always have Reapers. Nearly two millennia ago, I was the one who ushered mortals from Terra.

    The world was troubled in those days; few mortals lived very long. Even elves, our closest mortal relatives, were prone to violent deaths. One day monsters got loose in an elven village and I had to forcibly drive the screaming souls of both sides en masse to their final destinations—some terrible misunderstanding, complicated by hunger. The carnage had been so complete there wasn’t a living thing in that village that could go on with the injuries they had sustained.

    I was ready to retire, when I noticed a light remaining in one of the houses. Passing in through the window I discovered a weary luthier, lacerated by the claws of beasts. In those days few understood death, and I was often met with fear. The luthier, however, merely looked at me with sorrow. In his hands he held the most exquisite instrument I had ever laid eyes on.

    My heart surged, and while I did not know it at the time, I had discovered my Pleasure.

    Ready to die, the luthier had one request of me that was unlike the pleas for mercy I was accustomed to. He simply asked that I remove his creation from the world. Although the violin had summoned the beasts that had destroyed his village, he could not bring himself to destroy his masterpiece. I accepted his gift and we walked to the Eternal Fields together.

  4. Antimony says:

    My name is Freya, and I am what humans would call a ‘fairy’.
    My Pleasure is – was Laughter. I remember laughing a lot in my home land, that was before the men of death arrived bringing ruin and destruction in their wake. We fought to the best of our abilities, but their armour and weapons were too much for us. There were few of us, and many of them, I fought until my magic had run dry and my body was no longer useful. I escaped, barely, into this new world you call Terra. My body may be broken, but my heart is still strong. I will recover, and I am prepared to avenge the death of my fellow fey and help where my help is required.

  5. Jean says:

    Hello, my name is Cisnarf and I am a forest Gnome (in the Human world I am known as Francis).
    I gather my strength from our mother earth. True to my nature I am agile and my eye sight is stronger than that of a hawk. I am carefree in my approach to life, but also known as a practical joker.
    My pleasure is communicating with and caring for all woodland creatures. I excel in freeing the trapped and healing the wounded. My animal friends have repaid me over and over by providing me strength and companionship during many adventures. Our bond cannot be broken and is guaranteed to serve me in future adventures, perhaps during an upcoming battle of Champions.

  6. davidludwig says:

    Well the Council will now enter deliberations regarding attendance at the battle of Champions. Any of the rest of you lot feel free to tell your stories and you’ll earn some basic info on other courtiers you’ll be working alongside in return, but any further submissions at this point will not be eligible to attend the battle.
    [the top three submissions at this point will be contacted about their ‘fairy’ appearing in Lost Girls’ Society, the appearance likely being posted late January]

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