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Nov 09 2011

Althea – Terra

There was no longer any room for doubt. The Council was withholding potentially critical information. With the entire world hanging in the balance, there were still pieces of the puzzle that not even Althea had. As Council Speaker she had access to far more information than any of her companions—but realizing the actual Council Members must know more than even she did was forcing Althea to face the uncomfortable question of whether she herself had told Edmund and Horera everything she could.

Althea’s hands drifted absently to her torso. The thin material of her dress didn’t hide the contours of her scar from her sensitive touch. Excruciating pain had wracked her entire existence when Donovan’s hand had shot through her body. Pain unlike any she had ever known in all her years as a healer. Althea had survived by building up a reservoir of Seelie energy within herself before allowing Donovan to land his deathblow against her. As intended, the Seelie energy had worked to heal her body and restore her life—but for the first time ever the wound did not heal cleanly, even with Althea’s power. The wild scar bursts on her front and back would be with her for the rest of her days.

She had known that the salvation of the world depended on stopping Donovan—but even Edmund and Horera would have been able to figure that out easily enough. She knew that their little group here was the world’s only hope for stopping Donovan, but her brush with death left her with a pressing need to know why. Donovan was more than he seemed.

Sadly, Althea watched Edmund, her Dapper Knight, lead their disparate band over the mountain paths toward the sacred forests beyond. Though as his superior within the Court she could never tell him, in the months since she had met him he had become her strength in her increasingly common moments of weakness. Althea needed him. Needed him more than sun or air. But now she sensed he was not the one that the world needed, and that perplexed her.

Patreus, the dark priest, brought up the rear. There was no love between him and the rest of the party, who had come to know him as an enemy—all battles Althea had been unable to be present for. His infatuation with her was clear; he had given up his dark powers and now followed her like a love-sick puppy. No… More like a shadow actually. He didn’t speak for the most part, betrayed no emotion, but she could feel the longing in his heart. Althea trusted Patreus’ desire for change, and Edmund and the rest of the fairies trusted Althea. Horera was another story though.

The little dogling was keeping close to Edmund but remained continually distracted by a thousand scents on the strong mountain winds. She still distrusted Patreus strongly, and the ex-priest showed no interest in patching things up between them. Perhaps Horera was right too. Althea could feel the darkness in Patreus’ heart, but for some reason she needed to believe he could be saved. Saving others is what Althea lived for, but since her battle with Donovan a sense of urgency had crept unkindly into her consciousness and tainted all her thoughts.

Horera was the one the world needed. Althea just didn’t know how or why.








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    Anyone who has been following the Wednesday Flashes may notice the pattern has been broken–this is because the timing for next Wednesday’s Flash required we not hear from Fantasia this Wednesday.

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