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Nov 16 2011

Elise – Fantasia

Twining her bare arms, her bare legs, Elise extended her lissome figure into a full stretch and felt the sun bake deliciously into her skin. Reclined on a beach chair in her skimpy swimming costume, she could feel her stress and cares positively melt away. She needed to get out to Relix more often, such a beautiful resort and practically in her backyard.

Elise had tucked herself back on a smaller isolated sandy beach, boxed in by the sea cliff on one side and buildings on the other two. It was quiet, peaceful. There was just her chair and the one next to it, instead of the long rows on some of the larger beaches. Her eyes were closed to try to just soak in the atmosphere, the heat radiating from the sun and sand, the attentive sea breeze. And now the uncertain steps on the cobblestones between the buildings. Elise’s unsuspecting guest had arrived. Without opening her eyes Elise snapped her fingers and a wall of magic cut off Audrey’s escape. This would be a private encounter.

“Uh,” Audrey looked back uncertainly before stepping out far enough to see Elise, “Elise!”

Elise smiled, “Audrey, isn’t it? Come, have a seat.”

Audrey backed away fearfully clutching Andromalus’ spell book, “Wh-what do you want?”

“I just want to talk,” Elise rolled onto her side and opened her eyes to watch Audrey. “Don’t worry; I’m not going to hurt you now.”

“I-I,” Audrey had backed into Elise’s force-wall. Smart girl, she’d already realized its magic was far too great for her to dispel. Audrey had moved on to scanning her surroundings for another means of escape. Too bad for her, Elise had made sure there was no escape. Also too bad for her, Elise knew she’d be the only one of her party to go past the downtown shops and then look for a quiet place.

Smiling gently, Elise indicated the beach chair next to her. “Please sit? We really need to talk, just the two of us.”

Audrey didn’t trust her but, for now, decided to see where playing along got her. It was a start. Gingerly Audrey sat on the far edge of the chair next to Elise, like she was afraid it was going to bite her. Audrey looked to be wearing far too much clothing for the weather, but the Mantle of the Silver Moon clearly had protective properties far in excess of its simple battle applications. Elise allowed her eyes to linger on the Mantle for a moment. It was enchantingly beautiful, an artifact Elise had only ever dreamed she might one day see with her own eyes. And in their last battle it had even shielded Audrey from one of Elise’s spells.

“What do you want to talk about?” Audrey choked the words out like she was asking about her own demise.

Elise sighed, “I want to help you, Audrey.”


“I’m not the black-hearted villain Andromalus makes me out to be, you know. He’s the one who dragged you into this, not me. I never wanted to be your enemy.”

“B-but you turned him into a cat! Took away his magic!”

Elise shook her head with a laugh, “I’m pretty sure you’ve known Andromalus long enough to understand what I mean when I say he deserved it. The pompous goat expected ‘lesser’ people to worship him like a god. He needed to be brought down a peg or ten.”

“And Elaria? Did she deserve to be turned into a hawk?” Audrey was gaining confidence as she started to believe Elise’s promise not to hurt her. She’d skipped right to the hard question.

“I, wouldn’t have done it,” Elise bit her lip, “If I didn’t believe it was absolutely necessary. More than that, is, unfortunately, not my secret to share.”

Anger flashed in Audrey’s eyes, “I’m not going to betray my friends for you! I’m not going to give you the Scroll of Depths!”

“I wouldn’t ask you to,” Elise propped herself up on an elbow to lock eyes with Audrey. “I just want to help you get home. Between your book and my power, I’m sure we could do it. You don’t have to play Andromalus’ cruel little game. We don’t have to be enemies.”





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