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Nov 23 2011

Drifter – Eden

There was a thunderclap explosion followed by the invigorating smoke of the black-powder. He had to smile at the ancient firearm in his outstretched hand. But he needed her to dodge the shot. He needed her to hear it and be able to get out of the way, without leaving any doubt that he both could, and would, have shot her.

Regina leapt out of the way of the bullet as he knew she would. She glared up at him as he dropped the ancient pistol into his chest holster and let a much finer one slide out of his sleeve into his other hand. Now things were serious. He’d kill Regina if he had to, and there was no chance he’d let her close distance with those kids again.

“Who’s there?” Nadine called out. She could hear him, might even just be able to feel his presence, but she knew better than to take her eyes off Regina.

The purple-haired little girl also seemed to know her attention was better devoted to Regina—in fact didn’t seem to be sparing any for him. God he hoped that wasn’t Regina’s daughter, he knew the Super Soldier was heartless… But fighting her own daughter? Okay, yeah that fit. He just wished it didn’t. There was no happy ending to this for that kid. The boy with Nadine did look up at him though, capable looking young man. The boy’s build and equipment suggested an archaeologist.

“Stay out of this unless you want to die too!” Regina snarled up at him, already charging plasma blasts with both hands.

Anyone ever tell you you’re cute when you’re angry, Regina? There’s a reason. He shook his head and smiled at the thought. Guns in both hands now he let his bullets talk for him. High concentration energy pellets, though just because she wouldn’t have seen them in years didn’t seem to have dulled Regina’s ability to protect herself from them. Unlike the black-powder rounds, the energy pellets actually were faster than her and she was having to dodge before he fired by watching his body.

Keeping her off-balance enough, she couldn’t properly aim her blasts at him. Minimal evasive maneuvers were plenty. Now hopefully, given Regina was the mother of one of her friends, Nadine would take this opening to have her team withdraw instead of trying to finish the Super-Soldier off. It’d go against her tactical sense to let so dangerous an enemy live, but Nadine had enough of her mother in her he was almost willing to bet on her compassion winning in this situation.

Then Regina’s attention shifted. No! She’d figured out who he was! Even as he flung himself down to the same level as the kids, he knew Regina’s blast would get to Nadine before he did. He gave Regina a round of bullets to the chest for her trouble—it wouldn’t be the last mistake she ever made but it would definitely stick with her a while.

The rooftop was torn apart even as he came down to land on it. The little girl and the boy were cut off by the blast while he and Nadine were dropping down into the chasm it had opened.

Please let Nadine be okay.







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