White Wisp

Posted by David A Ludwig
Dec 07 2011

White Wisp – Terra

White Wisp snorted bemusedly as she padded silently away from the heart of the fairy ring. Silly fey creatures, flocking to the man Edmund like he was some sort of savior. White Wisp had never known a more noble or inspiring human, true. In any other context he could be king. But not next to Miss Horera.

As a silver wolf the workings of the Fey Courts were largely a mystery to White Wisp, but to her shamanic sight it was plain that Miss Horera was greater than her human protector. Even the fairies had revealed that Horera was their Life Champion, the living embodiment of all that was good in Terra—and yet they persisted in trailing the man Edmund like giddy pups.

“Are you alright, Miss Horera?” White Wisp bowed to her alpha.

A little outside the fairy ring and into the deeper foliage, Miss Horera was sitting alone picking dirt out from between her toes.

“Horera not know…”

“What troubles you, Miss Horera?” White Wisp smiled at her young alpha.

“Is big responsa,” Horera scrunched her face up, “Sponsible… Lots expectings. What if Horera do bad?”

“You’ll be fine,” White Wisp placed her head comfortingly on Horera’s. How strange to feel motherly toward her alpha, complex, yet somehow right. “You’re so full of kindness and goodness, that’s why you were chosen. That’s why I trust you, and why you’ll do well.”

Horera hugged White Wisp tightly, “Horera scared.”

“We’re all here for you if you need us,” White Wisp closed her eyes.

“That’s right,” a gruff man’s voice cut into the conversation. “Yer never alone, Horera.”

Horera and White Wisp both looked to see Horera’s human father leaning against a tree for support—still resisting Althea’s insistence that he rest more to recover from his lingering injuries. White Wisp had never feared humans; her tribe was proud and mighty. But this human frightened her, there was something about him so terrible it made her tremble, and even with her shamanic training White Wisp couldn’t say exactly what it was.

“Horera have fight Bad Man?” Horera whined.

Her human father nodded, “I’m afraid so. But from here on I’m with you all the way. You won’t fight him alone.”

White Wisp nodded, “We are all with you.”







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4 Responses

  1. […] White Wisp is an intriguing story that includes fae elements.  Author David A. Ludwig captures the characters nicely in his writing. White Wisp « […]

  2. Fiona Broome says:

    Wonderful writing with superb fae insights! (In my latest article about faerie rings, I linked from my site to your writing, too.)

  3. I would keep an eye on Edmund too, Humans can be very devious! I like White Wisp, she seems wiser than her peers… she looks beyond just what’s before her eyes.

  4. davidludwig says:

    Wow, thanks for the comments! This is a flash tied to the larger story of Lost Girls’ Society, and I just realized it may not be clear that Edmund is not Horera’s human father in this context.
    Edmund is a Dapper Knight sworn to the fairies and who protects Horera, whereas her father–the one who scares White Wisp–is a drifter named Lenin Blackwell.

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