Phillipa 2nd

Posted by davidludwig
Dec 14 2011

Phillipa 2nd – Eden

Phillipa felt like she could fly; the sky was so open! The ocean breeze was cold and salty, but she kept herself warm with her inner spark. The normal humans both had to bundle up to deal with it, but too many clothes made Phillipa feel awkward. Things had changed so much in just a few days. JC and Nadine were her family now.

The ocean wasn’t anything like Metropolis, and it was weird only seeing the same two people around. But comforting, in a way. She knew JC and Nadine were there for her, that they wouldn’t ever betray her. Had she betrayed her parents? Phillipa supposed she must have, her mom looked so angry when she tried to kill Phillipa. Phillipa could never go home again.

Phillipa watched Nadine adjust the wind-intakes. It sucked that she had to choose between her first friend and her parents. But no matter how much Phillipa missed her parents, she still couldn’t imagine just sitting back and letting them hurt Nadine to get at Nadine’s dad. Seemed like the man who saved them from Phillipa’s mom was probably Nadine’s dad—and he’s probably the one who left them this fully stocked boat too.

“Auto-nav’s set up,” JC came up from below deck, “and it already had co-ordinates programmed. I’m guessing we want to follow them.”

Nadine nodded, “Yeah, if my dad left this for us, he must have wanted us to follow him.”

Phillipa sat up on the rail of the ship. It was weird not being useful, but she didn’t know anything at all about ships. Kicking her feet she glanced at JC before addressing Nadine.

“Hey, I didn’t get to ask before; he’s the one you said you totally had a crush on, right?”

Nadine suddenly turned bright red, “D-don’t tell him that!”

JC was red too, and pretended to examine the display panel in front of him. Phillipa giggled, these guys were so much fun. She realized it was a little mean of her to blab like that, but Phillipa was pretty sure JC felt the same way. Plus it was so hard to resist an opportunity to see Nadine flustered—Phillipa still struggled a little with there being another girl who, if she was honest with herself, was in fact cooler than Phillipa.

“But, yeah,” Nadine bit her lip and glanced at JC’s back, “that’s him.”

JC cleared his throat, “I, uh, actually… I like you too, Nadine.”

Phillipa giggled as she jumped down from the rail, “I’m going down to the kitchen!”

It was nice having friends to have fun with for a change.






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