Yezen 2nd

Posted by davidludwig
Dec 28 2011

Yezen 2nd-Fantasia

“Damn you, you monstrosity, I’m up here!” Yezen screamed, his voice already hoarse.

Thankfully, Audrey managed another sphere of radiant energy that knocked aside the death giant’s axe. The shroud of souls twisting about its bruised and muscle stretched-flesh numbed Yezen through and through in a way even the bitterest cold could not. And the damn thing didn’t even care that he was standing on its shoulder and trying to strangle it.

“Lightning Serpent!” Audrey released a stream of electricity from the pages of her book that illuminated the entire plain before piercing straight through the giant’s chest.

The giant’s shriek of rage and presumably foul exclamation confirmed that it had been wounded by the spell—but unlike any half decent thing, the giant had not been destroyed. The shaggy old wolf, Jordan, took the opening to dig his fangs and claws into the giant’s calf and begin climbing toward softer parts. Zedarra and her spirit-bear had their work cut out just trying to keep the giant from landing any killing blows—and, in spite of their efforts, this was the third swing the fiend had taken at Audrey—and Yezen was pretty sure Audrey couldn’t take the hit. She’d toughened up nicely since he first met her, but this monster was in a league of its own.

Elaria’s dive for the giant’s eyes gave Yezen time to finish tying his whip around the monster’s neck. “Damn it all! This’ll get your attention!”

With a leap, Yezen caught hold of the death giant’s pointed ear with one hand and plunged his short sword as far in as he could with the other arm. With a wailing howl, the giant swatted Yezen with an open hand—driving his blade deeper into the giant’s skull.

“Idiot!” Yezen laughed, though he was pretty sure both his arms were now broken.

“Yezen!” Audrey’s scream pierced the din of battle and cut straight to Yezen’s heart.

“I’m alright!” What was meant to be a continuation of his laugh came out as more of a cough.

Yezen repositioned himself to try and go a little deeper if the giant was dumb enough to hit him again. The sound of the giant’s agonized screams and a wolf viciously mauling something made Yezen kind of glad he couldn’t see what was going on below.

“Vis sagittis!” Audrey unleashed a constellation of energy beams that pierced the giant.

The giant’s shroud of souls was sundered and the souls freed to rise to the heavens. It seemed an eternity in the sudden silence as the giant toppled before finally striking the ground and jarring Yezen loose. Landing on the nearly soft semi-material back of Zedarra’s bear Yezen avoided any further damage from the fall and soon benefited from a healing invocation that left his arms sore but whole.

Relief brought Yezen’s smile back to its full brightness. Audrey wasn’t hurt.






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