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Jan 04 2012


“Now do you understand?” White Wisp sat down next to Diamond.

Diamond shook his muzzle slowly as he considered his sister’s words, and all he had seen that day. “No…”

“I cannot return to the Cloud Walkers because of my disgrace. Nor can you, because you chose to follow me when I was exiled.”

“But how,” Diamond bared his fangs distastefully as he considered the little dogling sleeping curled before them, “How can this tiny creature, be so powerful? Why is she, without even a full coat of fur, fit to lead a pair of Silver Wolves? Outcast or not, we are still Cloud Walkers.”

“Ignore your senses,” his sister advised, “They are confused by the discrepancy between Miss Horera’s appearance and what you have witnessed her do. Look instead with your heart.”

With a heavy sigh, Diamond closed his eyes and slowed his breathing to a near stop. He didn’t have the shamanic gift like White Wisp, but that never stopped her from trying to get him to see like a shaman. His heart was a twisted and dark place, not somewhere he preferred to spend his time. Besides that, Diamond was pretty sure when White Wisp looked with her heart she received answers from the world and the cosmos. All Diamond ever got were vague impressions and unsettled urges he knew were coming from himself.

“Now do you see her?” White Wisp asked, her voice cushioned in the contentment of deep love.

Diamond had only ever heard that tone in his sister’s voice when she was talking about him, his potential and what he could do. But to hear it for this dogling? Horera spent as much time on two feet as she did on all fours. She even used tools and weapons at times instead of relying purely on herself. Did he see her? Well, he’d blocked pretty much everything else out like White Wisp had taught him. He was still thinking about White Wisp a little, but there was a warmth that wasn’t his sister.

“Don’t your instincts tell you to follow her? That she may be a Millennial Alpha?”

Diamond couldn’t help snorting at the absurd suggestion that this dog-like morsel be a Millennial Alpha. Fit to rule all the peoples? Well…

“I, I suppose,” Diamond opened his eyes to look in his sister’s. “I’m not leaving you ever again, sister. You know I respect your wisdom. If you say she is worth following, then I will follow.”

“Is she worth following?” White Wisp smiled mischievously.

Diamond laid down with a groan, “I’m tired. I’m going to sleep.”







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