Andromalus 2nd

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Jan 18 2012

Andromalus 2nd – Fantasia

Home was different. No, of course that wasn’t true. Nothing had changed, Elise hadn’t looted anything after cursing him, and the magic maintaining the tower assured its imperviousness to time. Andromalus had changed. He’d been a cat for far too long. All too often he still imagined chasing and catching Elaria, the hawk in their party—proud of the fact that he was sure he could catch her if he wanted to. Lazy naps in warm sunbeams had become almost as glorious in his eyes as books.

So of course, now pleased from whiskers to tail, Andromalus couldn’t help purring with each rising and falling breath. He was napping, in a sunbeam, in his library. Audrey was below completely engrossed in reading his books as she had been for the last six hours. He didn’t really care where the rest of their party was or what they were doing. He’d come to trust them not to mess things up, and they knew better than to disturb Audrey while she was reading.

Crawling forward on top of the stacks, Andromalus re-centered himself in the advancing sunbeam. He had nothing left to teach Audrey, the rest she would have to figure out on her own. His apprentice, and a fitting one at that. Both of his parents had been wizards, Andromalus had mastered his first cantrip by four years of age. Genius that he was, Andromalus had mastered the high level of magic Audrey now wielded by the age of twelve. He had been the best wizard Fantasia had ever known, none could match his intellect or prowess—though the Mantle of the Silver Moon never recognized him, he’d always known it to be true.

But now, in barely a month, Audrey had mastered the magic it had taken Andromalus eight years to learn. Child or not, her achievement dwarfed his own. Deep down, Andromalus had expected to spend a decade training Audrey before she was ready to confront Elise, and now here they were preparing for the final confrontation without so much as a season passed. The Mantle of the Silver Moon, mark of arcane greatness, had recognized Audrey. His apprentice was among the legendary few so recognized. He had chosen well.

Audrey had even known what magic she needed to enter Elise’s tower and take the fight to that conceited wench directly. All Andromalus had needed to do was show Audrey which section it was in. Soon he would be human again, and his apprentice would be the greatest wizard Fantasia had ever known.







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