Grumbly Monday

Posted by davidludwig
Jan 23 2012

You potentially have some catching up to do–see there are two new Lost Girls’ Society pages since this time last week! Friday’s post went up Sunday because of power-outage and today updated as normal–so that makes two pages accessible via the Pages navigation to the right or from the Lost Girls’ Society main story page above or to the right.

Apparently low interest in the current poll has me suspecting not many of you are familiar with both Lost Girls’ Society (current story on this site) and Niar Saga (complete original story for this site). Which is too bad because I’d love more votes on the matter–plus the next few polls also require either familiarity with both stories or willingness to make stuff up.

There’s plenty to read on the site from a range of my different stories, but at the very least I strongly encourage you to familiarize yourselves with Niar Saga and Lost Girls’ Society, because they are prominently linked from the top of the page and have convenient Previous/Next functionality between pages that make navigating easy.

More personal news, I’d finally been getting back on top of a work-load which has been swamping me since December–and then snow and freezing rain knocked out power for three days. So not only have I lost the progress I made toward being ahead of schedule again, but I’ve lost momentum too. Hopefully will get back on top of things by February–it had been looking good for beating that timeline until the power went out–but for now going to just have to keep slogging away and see what comes of it.

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