Lenin Blackwell

Posted by davidludwig
Jan 25 2012

Lenin – Terra

Lenin Blackwell tossed his rifle roughly aside, the crack and clatter of it striking the stonewall doing little to lift his mood. He’d cleaned it five times already and it wasn’t getting any cleaner than that. Maybe if it broke he’d have something to do. Being back in the Seelie Court set his hairs on end, and having nothing to do made him irritable. Still, he’d promised Horera he wasn’t going anywhere.

“What’s on your mind?” Edmund sat on the natural floor near Lenin, dressed in his Seelie best.

Why couldn’t Edmund be the Life Champion? The man was built for it, mind, body and soul—and wasn’t backing down from the fight anyway. Heck, he was going through all the Tests right alongside Horera—and pulling more than his share often as not. Most importantly, Edmund wasn’t Lenin’s little girl.

“I-uh,” Lenin cleared his throat, “It’s been a while since I thanked you for looking out for Horera. Means a lot more to me than I can say, and it kills me that it’s something I can’t do myself.”

Edmund smiled and passed Lenin’s firearm back to him, “Your promise to help Chris in exchange, something I couldn’t do, makes us even. Besides, I’m honored to fight alongside your daughter. She is a truly noble soul.”

“Ain’t nothing more I can do for Chris,” Lenin scowled. “If he’s gonna make it, someone needs to kill Donovan—and soon.”

“I understand.”

Lenin shook his head, “I don’t think you do. I wish to the gods I could just do it and save you all the trouble, but I literally can’t. Donovan and I are considered the same.”

“What do you mean by that?” Edmund pulled at his mustache.

Lenin laughed and scratched his own stubble, “This whole battle between the Life and Destruction Champions was supposed to be resolved in my generation. But there was a snag.” Shifting forward, Lenin put his elbows on his knees. “You see, they don’t tell you who you are or what you’re fighting for if they don’t think you need to know.”

“I’m not sure I understand,” Edmund feigned ignorance. Fool was polite, refusing to think poorly of others without hard proof.

“I was the Destruction Champion. And I won. But I refused to destroy the world after these damn fairies finally explained what the hell we’d been fighting for.” Sighing, Lenin dropped his head back against the wall. “The world’s spun out of balance because of me. Horera’s parents are dead because of that imbalance. And now Horera has to finish my fight.”






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