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Feb 15 2012

Audrey – Fantasia

Audrey sighed as she watched Andromalus disappear back into a hole Zedarra’s thunder bear had torn in the wall. This was the third dual-sealed door with both mechanical and magical locks they’d hit since entering Elise’s tower, and Audrey was starting to feel she’d seriously underestimated how close she was to finally defeating the sorceress, restoring Andromalus and Elaria to their true forms and returning home.

Once Audrey dispelled the magical protections on the door either Andromalus or Elaria could disable the mechanical side by going after the pressure tubes inside the walls. Elaria knew more about it than Andromalus did, but was also fairly claustrophobic. So this door and the one last one both fell to Andromalus, who in his own words “can do anything the hawk can do.”

Tangy metallic steam vented from the door’s exhaust panels and the way opened. Yezen went though first alongside Jordan, with Elaria circling overhead and Zedarra following with her bear spirit. Audrey was rejoined by Andromalus in the protected center position.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say it looked like Elise was gearing up for a war,” Yezen whistled as they saw row after row of thirteen foot tall iron golems light up in their creation tubes.

She is. Andromalus flicked his tail. Other arcane spell casters are still a threat to her at this stage, which is why she went to the trouble of securing Magica Valley first. Soon she’ll be able to open gates to the rest of Fantasia and unleash her army on the whole world at once. If we don’t stop her here, it will be too late.

Audrey sighed as she looked up at Elaria flying overhead. Somehow, Audrey got the sense that Elaria didn’t want to fight Elise—even though Elise is the one who turned her into a hawk. This whole mess started when Andromalus summoned Audrey to become a wizard and defeat the evil sorceress, Elise, and restore him to his true form. She’d found many allies willing to join in that effort, but none who felt so strongly as Andromalus did.

Having only had one serious conversation with Elise herself Audrey wasn’t sure she had her own opinion anymore. Elise had been absolutely terrifying to face in battle. But when it was just the two of them, Elise tried so hard to put Audrey at ease and said she wanted to help Audrey get home. Elise had been so kind to her then.

Still, Audrey couldn’t think of any good use for all these golems. They’d fought two since entering the tower—and those two golems together had been every bit as dangerous as the dragon who had guarded the entrance to Magica. If Elise had hundreds such golems, it almost had to be for war.







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