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Posted by davidludwig
Feb 20 2012

So, Lost Girls’ Society is updating with story posts on Mondays and Fridays, with front-page flash fiction on Wednesdays that fills in the details of their respective worlds without being necessary to the larger story. All can be reached from the Lost Girls’ Society main page linked above or to the right, while the individual posts can also be accessed via the Page navigation to the right.

Right now I’m still struggling to keep up with the various other blog challenges and writing contests on the internet and my own personal schedule. Eventually I’d like for this process to be helped by my fancy new computer, but for now the learning curve means the new computer isn’t an improvement in terms of efficiency than the disaster-ridden older computer it’s replacing.

We’re coming up on the end of Lost Girls’ Society, and I’m definitely thinking when that’s done I’ll step away from creating content for the site for a little while. This site has been online for over a year now, and in that time we’ve made it through the fantasy serial Niar Saga and are about to finish the second serial, Lost Girls’ Society. There will definitely be more original (and free) work to come on the site, and I’ll probably get some polls going in the top right to see what people would be interested in me working on next once I’ve had a little breather.

On the topic of the polls, even I missed voting in the last one (I don’t normally vote in my own polls, but for Lost Girls Society versus Niar Saga I actually have a position and try to slip it in when it won’t be obvious it’s me)! The solitary vote for Horera was kind of sad. Would more people vote if I re-opened that poll, or was it just a bad question?
Past polls can be found under Archives in the links at the top of the page.

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