Horera Blackwell

Posted by davidludwig
Feb 23 2012

Horera – Terra

“Is that all you’ve got?!” Bad Man rise crater, armor cracked but no lots bleeding. “Come on! Hit me!”

“Gladly,” Edmund lunge shield first, rapier back to strike.

Daddy’s shot stagger Bad Man, Edmund stab holy power. Extra lots fairies all attacking magic and weapons. Once-Bad Priest make big holy light burn Still-Bad Man. Been fighting lots long time, Bad Man still strong. Horera still tired fight Dark Fairy.

“Are you alright, Horera?” Pretty Fairy put hand Horera shoulder.

“Browf,” Horera sigh but nod.

White Wisp, Diamond flank support Horera. Baxall fairy dog front. Baxall Horera’s Fey Ally like other fairies ally Edmund. Stronger in pack. Pretty Fairy give Horera energy back. Bad Man roar, knock Edmund down. Pack charge! Horera leave Guisarme-san guard Pretty Fairy.

Horera catch Bad Man’s fists. Hold off Edmund, growl at Bad Man. Bad Man shift weight, try crush Horera—White Wisp, Diamond try pull Bad Man’s legs but Bad Man stand strong. Baxall biting head but ignored.

“Are you too weak to fight me by yourself?”

Horera growl, “No need fight alone! Horera has friends!”

Horera step closer, break Bad Man balance and throw! Daddy, Once-Bad Priest and lots fairies all attack Bad Man. Edmund get up, Pretty Fairy heal. Horera cock head with thought.

Bad Man has no friends? That sad.




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  1. davidludwig says:

    This should have gone up yesterday, and it should have art with it. Not fond of getting into a good art flow and then having the program crash and losing hours of work–especially given how hard it is for me to get into an art flow in the first place.

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