Dear Valentine 4

Posted by davidludwig
Feb 25 2012

Dear Valentine 4

“I thought you said you killed him in Paris!” Tomoko glared at Anastasia from the back of Hoshino-sensei’s cramped hybrid.

“I did,” Anastasia’s voice was flat, but Tomoko’s words cut deep. “He clawed his way out of the abyss to resume his quest for immortality. Obviously his soul would not return there easily.”

Hoshino-sensei turned her disheveled countenance to Anastasia, “The ritual will give you a direct shot at Radolf, but only one.”

“I’m going too!” Tomoko sat forward.

“You’d only get in my way.”

“I don’t care! I will help Daisuke!”

“We’re here,” Hoshino-sensei’s words brought heavy silence.

Anastasia stepped out of the car into the forested countryside, producing her scythe. Hoshino-sensei began the ritual as Anastasia and Tomoko walked toward the woods.

“Not willing to let this one go, eh Anna?” Daisuke stepped out of the shadows with a reckless smile and smoldering eyes. “It hurt how easily you cut me down, after everything we’ve been through together. It hurt more when you couldn’t do the same to this boy.”

Tomoko’s heart was racing, but she was holding up better than expected. Anastasia set her jaw as she stared down Radolf in Daisuke’s body. She could feel the ritual completing around them.

“Don’t think, don’t feel, just do,” Anastasia spoke levelly to Tomoko, “We are tools, I excise the infection, you stanch the wound.”

Instantly they were inside the possessed Daisuke’s mind. Just like before, one shot was all Anastasia needed. It was actually comforting to know Tomoko was there to help Daisuke, leaving just Radolf for her.

Rage and pain contorted Radolf’s face as he reached up trembling to grab Anastasia’s throat.

“Why, Anna? I love you!”

“I love you too,” Anastasia cried as she felt his grip on her throat weaken, “But I can’t forgive you.”



My last entry for the Dear Valentine blog challenge. I am extremely behind on reading the others’ entries in the challenge however, so I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to come back Monday for my usual post-challenge wrap-up.

2 Responses

  1. This is SO powerful. I think of all the blog challenges I’ve seen you write this has been my favourite. The back story here and the way you have seamlessly blended it in give a real depth to the story and an emotional resonance that is difficult to achieve in such a low word count. You’ve got anguish, courage, friendship – it’s really great.

    • davidludwig says:

      Wow, thanks! I do feel like I’m getting better at writing from all of these blog challenges. The low word count definitely helps since I always overshoot and then have to cut back (so many things I loved got cut from this story, like the fact that it was Radolf’s memory of Anastasia that gave him the strength to escape the abyss in the first place.)

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