Nadine Foster

Posted by davidludwig
Feb 29 2012

Nadine – Eden

Her boots found their way reflexively on top of the crumbling pieces of the wall as the tower collapsed toward Nadine. Nimbly keeping on top of the falling rubble, Nadine scaled up for a quick shot at the nightmare daemon’s eyes before back-flipping onto a nearby roof—while it was still nearby.

“Nothing hurts this thing!” Phillipa yelled from the street as she blasted the daemon with enough lightning to light the city block.

JC launched a rocket into the daemon’s maw, also from the street. Nadine peppered its face with arrows of alchemical acid, getting as many in the eyes as she could.

“I agree with Phillipa!” JC shouted up to Nadine, “We don’t stand a chance against this thing! Let’s get out of here while we can!”

Nadine nocked an explosive arrow, “No! We can still save the city!”

The daemon roared as it unleashed a blast of blue-flames from its mouth. JC and Phillipa dove for cover in the alleys and Nadine sunk her exploding arrow in the daemon’s ear-hole. Hopefully that at least got its attention!

“We promised your dad we’d look out for ourselves first! That we wouldn’t take unnecessary risks!” JC drew his high-frequency sword, apparently out of heavier artillery already.

Nadine glanced out at the burning remains of downtown. Screams of pain, anguish and terror still suffused the death laden air. She fired five simultaneous arrows by the daemon’s face as it lunged for Phillipa’s alley, buying the younger girl enough time to vacate.

“We have to at least buy more time for some sort of evacuation!” Nadine was impressed by the command in her own voice, given the tears she could feel on her cheeks.

Phillipa nodded and squared off with the daemon, “Eat this, Scaly!”

Balling her lightning this time, Phillipa launched it right at the daemon’s heart. Then Nadine saw JC running toward Phillipa and time seemed to slow down. Phillipa had left herself open to deliver the attack that washed as harmlessly off the daemon as the rest of their efforts to this point.

Grabbing a fistful of arrows Nadine drew them all back at once. The daemon opened its mouth. JC and Phillipa wouldn’t get to cover in time. Blue flames destroyed Nadine’s arrows before finding her friends.

“NO!” Nadine watched the flames scour the streets a second too long.

The daemon’s tail smashed through the building Nadine was standing on. Her foot caught in the falling rubble—taking her down with it.








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