March Madness 1

Posted by davidludwig
Mar 06 2012

Belial: March 6

Selena awoke laid out on luxurious cushions, dressed in fine if revealing silks and gossamer. The gilded chamber was sweltering, even the hue of the light fiery. Yet the heat in Selena’s body was even greater than that in the room, and growing in intensity now that she was awake. Putting a hand to her head she tried to remember where she was or what happened, but the floral spice of incense clouded her mind.

“Welcome home,” a massive red-scaled man entered the chamber with a sharp-toothed smile. “You’ll learn to love it here.”

“What have you done to me?” Selena recoiled in horror even as she felt the tug of lust for the infernally perfect male. “Who are you?”

She had been in her dressing room when she first smelled the incense. There had a strong arm around her body and a cloth pressed to her nose and mouth by a powerful hand, and then she was here.

“I am Belial, and from this day forth you are mine,” the demon bent intoxicatingly close to fasten a gorgeous golden collar around Selena’s throat.

Curling into a ball Selena tried desperately to block out myriad alien desires.



You can check out the prompts and links to other participants over at ‘Timony’s site. Also a reminder that generally this month my entries for ‘Timony’s March Madness will be instead of the normal Monday update.

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2 Responses

  1. Emilia Quill says:

    Chilling, like the way you’ve described her prison as luxuriant. a gilded cage. The heat and fiery light make me think the chamber’s in hell or a similar place.

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