Learn Dogling!

Posted by davidludwig
Mar 07 2012

Well as long as the main posts are being delayed I figured this is a good opportunity to share the Emotation System used by Horera when she’s speaking dogling. All the beastling tribes in Terra have an emotation system with a degree of mutual intelligability because of the simplicity of the system and commonalities in what is expressed–these systems fall short of complete languages and have no written form, though are occasionally transcribed phonetically into the Common language. The emotation system is primarily used to convey emotional states.

Dogling Emotations

Yip = most happy, correlates to Yippie in Common and thus yippie is often used as well
Yap = affirmative, correlates to yep in Common, and doubles as more moderate form of Yip
Yiff = strongest positive, has acquired more mature connotations over time which have limited its general use
Wan = very minor positive, generally expresses contentment
Browf = neutral  sound, modified by tone to achieve range of meaning often used for questions as well as for statements and exclamations without positive or negative value.
Woof = strong neutral sound, can gain positive or negative value by context. Used to emphasize presence, and often agreement with another’s positive or negative sentiment.
Growf = expresses need, usually hunger
Arf = very minor negative, often used as a warning.
Bark = negative, generally angry exclamation of moderate strength
Mmphh *snort* = negation or distaste, though not angry, also used for unhappy
Grrr *growling* = strong negative, hostility or anger. Strengthens Bark when used before.
mNnn *whining* = sad, strength varies by context, can also be confusion or sympathy

Also Marshintire has finalized the missing picture image, which in turn means Horera must be getting closer to finding the missing pictures! This improved version will go to all the pages currently without their own proper image, but with luck Marshintire will have the time to start filling in the missing images.

By the way, while I’m revealing information about the girls and their worlds; is there anything you (yes you) would like to know? So far I’ve touched on the fairies and dogling emotations of Horera’s world–is there anything anyone would like to know about Audrey or Nadine’s worlds? Or something else about Horera’s?

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