March Madness 2

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Mar 13 2012

Asmodeus: March 13

The rest of hell wasn’t nearly as accommodating as Belial’s palace. Even clear of the influence of her new master’s harem Selena could only follow him meekly. In the palace she was disoriented by drugs and fumes, and outside it cowed by the many residents of the infernal realm less pleasant of aspect than her captor.

“Ah, Modo! I trust you’ve heard about my latest concubine!” Belial tugged Selena forward by her golden tether.

A lithe demon in a tailored suit stopped ahead of them. His serpent tail twitched before he glanced back over his shoulder with the face of a mighty bull. Leaning on an ebony cane, the demon turned fully to face Selena and Belial, revealing the additional faces of a sophisticated man and powerful ram.

“Bel, she is too good for you!” the gentleman bowed and pulled Selena’s hand to his center face for a reverent kiss. “Call me Asmodeus.”

Belial jerked Selena away with a snarl, “You won’t get any of this one!”

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” Asmodeus bowed graciously to Belial.

The elegant fiend winked at Selena before hobbling away. Behind Belial’s back, Selena examined the small crystal Asmodeus had slipped into her palm.




This continues from my first March Madness post. Make sure to check out the rest of the field at ‘Timony’s site and come back through the month for more of Selena’s time in Hell.

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  1. Emilia_Quill says:

    I nearly fell of the sofa when I read “Modo”. Love that the demon’s have nickname’s for each other.

    I like the fact that Asmodeus’ actions and speech is debonair even though he’s a three headed demon. Belial’s aggressiveness contrasts nicely with Modo’s elegance.

    The crystal is interesting. I assume Asmodeus is helping her, but why is intriguing.

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