Elise 2nd

Posted by davidludwig
Mar 15 2012

Elise 2nd – Fantasia

The force cage provided firm support for Elise’s head, totally without temperature. Its hum numbed her mind, causing her to smile subconsciously. The sorceress’s actions came from her heart, so it really was just pleasant to have less on her mind. She’d been beaten. Decisively.

Audrey Prince, the young girl from another world, definitely deserved the Mantle of the Silver Moon. In a single season she had reached the level of arcane power casters like Andromalus or Elise herself. In a way it was nice to have things back out of her hands, though Elise hoped Audrey had a plan for what she was going to do with Fantasia now that she had the power.

Elise discovered she was able to reverse her transformation curse, and was glad to have her mother back. That had easily been the hardest part of her vision for Fantasia, being forced to battle her own mother in order to realize it. Andromalus was less exciting to have back among the speaking and spell-casting. He put a little too much emphasis on how it was HIS apprentice who had bested Elise. The fool even put the same abjurations on Elise’s prison as he’d used to guard his tower. Had he forgotten that Elise had penetrated the tower? Or did he think she was so weakened by the battle?

Running her hands over her arms, Elise felt her sorcerous blood burn away the last of her bruises and aches from the battle. Opening her eyes, Elise breathed out slowly. Audrey’s party would all be resting from their ordeal now. It was time for the denouement.

Her shadow split into the classical elements, creating four duplicates of Elise outside her prison. A few gestures and words of power later and her shadows had freed Elise from Andromalus’ cage.







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    Meant to get this up Wednesday, but illness and other projects took priority. To those who were waiting, I apologize for the delay.

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