March Madness 3

Posted by davidludwig
Mar 20 2012

Astaroth: March 20

Selena no longer remembered how long she had been in Belial’s harem. In whatever time it may have been, she had borne him six sons and each was taken from her. Her daughter she had been allowed to keep. Observing her master’s other wives, Selena knew what fate awaited her young Dearna when she came of age.

The other wives didn’t care what became of their progeny. They existed only to serve Belial. Somehow Asmodeus’ crystal helped Selena to remember who she was. Over time she had also learned that lights within the crystal revealed the power and proximity of fiends. Her master had a powerful guest today.

“Come, Astaroth! Let us be free of this cesspit! You could render my sons undetectable thanks to their mortal blood. Once they had conquered the material world we could divide it between the two of us!” Belial’s voice.

“You would betray me,” his guest, reclined on a dragon, waved her master off.

“If that were the case, you would know it and I would gain nothing. There is no profit in betraying you.”

“I know it, Belial. This venture is doomed to fail.”

“And yet you are here.”

“And yet I am…”



More in Selena’s story for ‘Timony’s March Madness Blog Challenge. You can find links to the other challengers on ‘Timony’s site, or the rest of Selena’s story by clicking the March Madness tag at the bottom of the post. Now things have settled down a bit I’ll be making the rounds to see the other entries myself.

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