Lunaria and Mangus

Posted by davidludwig
Mar 21 2012

Lunaria and Mangus – Terra

The council chamber stood an empty shell. All the great fey whose presence normally caused the very air of the chamber to crackle with their power had gone to rest—except for the broad muscled and black maned leprechaun, Mangus. With the world back in balance the Primal Council would have less on its agenda for the next century or so.

Mangus sat cross-legged in the center of the floor rather than up in his Council Chair. Rolling and massaging his muscles he scowled deeply as he often did. While other fey celebrated the return to balance, Mangus contemplated the cost of the return and future strife.

“Will you not celebrate with the others?” Lunaria’s voice filled the silence like a chime.

Mangus smiled, closing his good eye, “We never do. Do we?”

The succubus Head of the Primal Council glided gently down to Mangus’ side—sitting where he could see her if he opened the eye not covered by a patch. Purple and blue twisted through her coifed hair and skulls adorned her form-fitting leotard. Though at least as ancient as her companion, Lunaria’s flawless figure bore no scars of the tribulations they had both lived through.

“What troubles you this time, old friend?” Lunaria placed her arms around the leprechaun’s shoulders.

“What we put that poor girl and her friends through…” Mangus shook his head and opened his eye, “Was it really necessary? It seems with every generation of Champions I feel more and more that the burden we place upon them is an unfair one.”

Lunaria nodded, “Change is what sustains the world. Without change, the world would die and not be reborn. Yet mortals struggle with change, often lacking the foresight to follow gracefully with change. They fight change, but cannot conquer it and suffering is the result. Long ago we decided it was better for a few individuals to bear this suffering for the good of all and it was within our power to make it so. Are you now thinking we should revisit the Champion system?”

“I wouldn’t mind taking the suffering of the world on myself, but asking another to do it… Doesn’t sit well with me. Especially asking an innocent, which so many of the Life Champions are. Why do the Champions have to be mortal?”

“Because mortals are the ones in whose hands the fate of the world lays. For all our power and connection to the world, in the end we can influence only how events unfold—not what those events are to begin with.”




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