March Madness 4

Posted by davidludwig
Mar 27 2012

Mammon: March 27

“Momma!” Little Dearna protested as Selena led her out of the palace.

“Shush, sweetie,” Selena knelt to comfort her daughter, “We have to be quiet.”

How long had she been in Hell? Dearna was getting bigger. It wouldn’t be long before her father noticed. Selena wouldn’t let Belial corrupt their daughter. The time had come to see if the crystal could get them out safely.

It worked better than Selena had hoped! Dearna was so brave, at least as brave as Selena herself, and soon they were on the straightaway to the Gates. Freedom. A brightly frocked demon pushing a cart laden with gold and jewels entered through the Gates, too late to hide. Selena stopped short, squeezing Dearna’s hand and daring a glance at the crystal. The fiend before them was a powerful one.

He set his cart down with a sigh and appraised mother and daughter, “Going up?”

Selena nodded.

“You were a singer before, weren’t you?” he leaned wearily on his cart. “I can set you up with a nice fame-and-fortune package when you get back. A little something to ease the transition.”

Selena shook her head.

His eyes narrowed, “I can’t twist your arm?”




My final entry for ‘Timony Souler’s March Madness blog challenge. Since Wednesday is a Flash Fiction day for Lost Girls’ Society and I still haven’t managed to get out and read the other entries you’ll have to come back on Friday for my post-challenge wrap-up. Feel free to swing by the others’ sites and reading their work ahead of me, or use the March Madness tag at the bottom of this post to find the rest of Selena’s story–which in fact is more of a prequel for the actual story I have planned for her.

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  1. Emilia_Quill says:

    Yay! More Selena.

    I like how a cart full of gold and jewels is comepletely normal. Why the demon doesn’t stop her is a bit odd, he must have something to gain.

    Wish I had more time to read. Luch breaks at school and sitting on the bus seem to be the only chances I have (anxiously awaiting summer break).

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