Sean Kain

Posted by davidludwig
Mar 28 2012

Sean Kain – Eden

Crime Lord Sean Kain had been the most powerful man in Metropolis. The most powerful man on the planet, really, since he had controlled the largest bastion of civilization in a world reclaimed by wretched jungle. That had been when Flint Foster had to worry about the Prophets and their scheming to finish the dying world off.

Sharp eyes surveyed his diminished dominion coldly. The rooms at the top of his tower were all he could realistically believe himself to control at this time—and those had to go. Starting over at this point was going to be pure torture, but Kain knew he couldn’t afford the undivided attention of a man like Flint Foster—especially not now that his Super Soldiers had abandoned him.

It might be possible to eventually patch things up with Regina. Their relationship had been something like a marriage; a marriage of convenience, but a marriage nonetheless. Rygus on the other hand, his pride would do him in. He wouldn’t bow, wouldn’t even decrease operations, and would fall to Foster or perhaps Foster’s daughter, Nadine.

No, the best course, for now, was to disappear completely. Make the work of rebuilding the world, free from the shadow of the apocalypse, a more appealing option than hunting for the villain who had seized the city in its moment of weakness and wrung it for all it was worth. Who knew? Perhaps with patience the world would recover more fully and opportunity for even greater profit would present itself.

Shouldering a pack of the supplies he considered worth bringing, Kain twirled a small black remote between his fingers. Striding toward the elevator he opened the remote panel and prepared to press the single button within. No reason to leave any of this for Foster to find and benefit. Kain wasn’t in the habit of benefiting others without profit for himself.

Though there was Phillipa… Kain hadn’t been much of a father, but he had a grudging respect for his disobedient daughter. She’d chosen the winning side in all of this after all—and it hadn’t been his. He shut the remote panel with a smile and set the remote down on an end table.

He could leave this for Phillipa.






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