Melody’s Diary 04

Posted by davidludwig
Apr 02 2012

Dear Diary,

Oh, I like the town so much more than that terrible forest! Everyone is so nice here, and there are so many interesting things to do and see, and it’s pretty peaceful I think.

To thank us for saving his life, and help us prepare to go to Alishtor’s castle, Charlie gave us all two hundred and fifty dollars! I think that’s a whole lot of money, though the dollar Nova gave me last night is my only real frame of reference. It was really exciting having money, I don’t even think I know everything you can do with money! I know you can buy things like clothes and food and items, and you can pay for services and places to stay for the night.

Oh, but apparently some people aren’t very honest when it comes to money and ask for too much! That’s really sad, but because of that Charlie said he’d hang on to my money and I should ask him if I want something.

We all split up for the day to prepare for our journey next Moonbloom. Charlie went with me and Nova and Terra both went off on their own. I’m not really sure what Jack did, I saw him in town briefly but didn’t get to talk to him at all. Charlie’s uncle, Virgil, said that the merchant caravans came through town at Moonbloom–the extra light is believed to prevent, or at least reduce, dishonesty! The merchants in the caravan apparently have the really nice items, plus the other merchants in town restock from them!

I tried to find something to help with the fact that I keep running out of energy from singing so much. One of the traveling merchants had five vials of condensed spirit energy collected from the souls of plants! I don’t really know how I feel about drinking souls, but it’s probably okay if they’re plant souls. Right? Charlie said that he’d seen them before and they worked, so he let me buy them. They cost twenty dollars each! Isn’t that a lot? The vials don’t seem like they contain that much spirit energy to me…

Oh, and I got this really cool messenger bag to carry my items in–plus the five dollars Charlie let me carry myself! I wish it matched my outfit a little better, but at least it looks nice, and it’s sturdy and water-proof! Nova and Terra came and shopped around a bit too–I didn’t pay as much attention to what they were doing, I was distracted by my own shopping!

One of the other traveling merchants had a little golden pyramid that helped restore energy when used during meditation, but it didn’t sound like what I was looking for. If I have time to meditate I can just get my energy back that way–I’m more worried about running out of energy while fighting. I think Nova ended up buying the pyramid to go with some necklace that makes chocolate using the wearer’s energy.

They also had a bunch of weird clothing items that disappeared when you put them on! Is it supposed to be some sort of joke? The Kitten’s Mittens apparently give you claws, but no one could explain why that was useful. Something about scary things popping out, but the claws don’t stop them from popping out in the first place.

One that didn’t disappear was a ring of warding, the merchant demonstrated that his knife didn’t hurt him while he was wearing it… Though I think I’d still rather not get hit at all. Nova ended up testing the ring out by putting it on and asking Terra to hit her–it was hard to watch, but Nova said it was for science. The first hit didn’t do anything, but then Nova told Terra to hit harder and Terra wounded her pretty seriously! Turns out the ring doesn’t stop much damage at all! I used the Hymn of Healing to patch Nova up while she made more chocolate.

Then Nova and Terra went armor shopping. Turns out the smith who made Terra’s armor lives in this town and Terra’s his muse! I had no idea Terra was a muse, but it makes a lot of sense how good her armor looks now. Very elegant but also, as I saw plenty of in the forest, very effective.

Once we were done shopping Nerev, the blind girl, came running back into town in a big hurry! She said she was sorry and it had gotten stronger, which isn’t good to hear from someone who’s possessed by a demon! I thought Charlie took care of her problem, but I guess it isn’t that easy. Her demon had raised a bunch of zombies and they were after her.

Bill helped Nerev while Nova, Terra, Charlie and I prepared to face the zombies. I tried using the Lost Lullaby, though it turns out zombies don’t sleep! Do ghosts sleep? I might like Alishtor’s castle even less than the forest if nothing in there is susceptible to my lullaby.

Nova gave Nerev some of the chocolate she made with her necklace and I switched to the Hymn of Healing while Nova and Terra were in combat–and tried to soothe Nerev with it too. Charlie threw fire at the zombies and completely destroyed them. Maybe it’s because he’s an exorcist and they were undead, but he seemed as powerful as Jack! Though, I still like Jack best.

In the end the zombies weren’t any trouble at all! We’re actually pretty powerful now, I guess… Well, my friends are. I guess I’m doing pretty good too, a lot stronger than I used to be. But after two Hymns of Healing and a Lost Lullaby my energy was already severely depleted and we hadn’t even faced any serious challenges. Anyway, I used the Dynamic De Capo Aria to restore some of Nova and my energy so we had something to work with for the rest of the day.

Once the zombies were taken care of we found Bill on top of Nerev on a table in the bar! I guess the wraith (not a demon, but a very, very bad sort of ghost) in Nerev was getting more out of hand and Charlie said there was only so much even he could do about wraiths. He got the wraith quiet again, but Nerev needs long-term care and going to a ghost castle without the exorcist would be a terrible idea!

Bill suggested he take Nerev to Dr. Zjavont at TASK Headquarters since there aren’t any bodies for the wraith to raise there and Dr. Zjavont could help control the wraith and study Nerev. Since we needed Charlie at the castle that seemed like our best option.

I really hope things go okay at the castle and that Nerev is okay… I’m kinda nervous now.


4 Responses

  1. davidludwig says:

    “This is for science; Dr. Zjavont would be proud.” -Nova

  2. Marshintire says:

    “… but no one could explain why that was useful. Something about scary things popping out, but the claws don’t stop them from popping out in the first place.”

    For some reason this reminds me a lot about the campaign in general in terms of how helpful Nova and Terra are to Melody’s education/safety. XD

    Terra’s a muse! Ges.

    “Once the zombies were taken care of we found Bill on top of Nerev on a table in the bar!”

    Haaa. Good thing Rose came after that.

    Ah-hah. I have an overwhelming curiosity to know Dr. Zjavont’s reaction to Nova’s experiment.

  3. Marshintire says:

    By the way, I adore that picture you drew for this diary entry. I believe it might just be my favorite drawing by you. It at least makes most adorable.

    • davidludwig says:

      Thanks! I had a pretty clear image in my head of what I wanted–not sure I actually got it as cute as I wanted–so I figured it was worth attempting. Means a lot to get an art complement from you.

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