Melody’s Diary 05

Posted by davidludwig
Apr 09 2012

Dear Diary,

What is destiny anyway? How do we know if we’re doing the right thing?

On the day we were to leave, Charlie went off to find Jack and left Terra, Nova and myself at the bar. Then this lizardy-amphibi-ish shifter arrived in the square with a pair of constructs and said he was going to conquer the world–starting with the eradication of the village!

He said our two options were to either lay down and die (which didn’t sound good) or to infamously go down in history for opposing the most famous man in the world (which sounded more like a perspective thing). His name was The Great Emperor Regal–unless some of that was a title, which I’m sort of confused about now. He shot fire from his staff, which was REALLY bad for Nova, though his constructs (Psion and Golem) didn’t actually appear to do much at first.

I used the Hymn of Healing to keep Nova alive, though another fire-blast knocked her out. Terra fought Regal, Golem vibrated and eventually Psion joined Terra in attacking Regal. I guess Psion was technically the one who won the fight, then he ran off into the woods shrieking. Golem just fell apart.

Charlie and Jack showed up after that. Since Bill is taking Nerev back to TASK head-quarters, and we’re going into danger, they decided to send us a more combat-worthy cabbie named Rose. Her Sage apparently died, and since her specialty is transportation that’s what they have her doing until she gets assigned a new Sage.

Regal said he was destined to conquer the world and therefore couldn’t fail… But then he died so easily. Rose says that destiny doesn’t always happen… But what about my destiny?

Also it turns out that gargoyle we fought in the forest was more than likely created by Alishtor, using a variety of Earth–specifically dust–magic to form it from sand. It was a long carriage ride, so there was time to learn a whole lot! Rose explained travel to us–both through time and space! She also let us know that Alishtor was always a dick, which is another word for a penis… I’ve never seen a penis, though I guess Alishtor isn’t really a penis? He’s just not very nice, and I’m not sure what that has to do with being a penis…

Charlie gave an amazing Ghost Lecture on the Body, Mind and Soul. How all three are interconnected, but the Body and Mind are weakened by an artificial concept of separation. The Soul is the most powerful because it recognizes the interconnectedness of everything. It was all things I’d sort of suspected anyway, I’ve always felt like my spirit was my real driving force, but Charlie explained it so well. Though Rose fell asleep during the lecture. Fortunately we were on a straight road.
He also talked about how the soul creates things, like my Song Magic or the chocolate Nova makes with her necklace. I tried creating an image of a flower just using my spirit, but I guess it takes twenty years to learn how to do that. Charlie made his ghost-busting fire and let me shape that into a flower though, it was so pretty!

While Rose was asleep Terra decided to eat in the carriage even though Rose told her not to. When Terra accidentally spilled blood on the floor of the carriage Nova helped her clean it up. I don’t think Rose ever found out.

Then we got to the town we were going to stay at before reaching Alishtor’s coliseum the next day. Rose insisted we have a Girls’ Night out on the town, so Jack and Charlie weren’t allowed to come. She made me drink something called a Pink Lotus… Actually she made me drink two, and they made me really sleepy! Though I guess they didn’t taste as bad as Nova’s chocolate bourbon. Then Rose said I wasn’t allowed to fall asleep on Girls’ Night Out and made me drink something called a Copper Moonrise that was terrible and spicy and bad! It woke me up… But why? Why did she make me drink all of those things?

I don’t like alcohol at all. Even when you can’t taste it it’s so bad! And… I don’t want to think about it anymore. I just hope I never have to drink alcohol again.

Then Rose took us out into the alley behind the bar and taught me how to punch! She says it’s something all girls should know how to do. I wasn’t very good at it, and Rose said I needed to do it with emotion. So I thought of the happiest things I could, like kittens and rainbows and flowers, and it really helped me punch harder! I’m still pretty sure if I weren’t punching a pillow I’d be the one who got hurt though…

Next Rose took us to a weapon merchant standing on a bridge to buy me a weapon! She says all girls should have one. Rose has boot daggers that come out of the toes of her boots! He had a really curvy blade he called a kris that he said made your enemy bleed a lot–which sounded mean. He also had a really ugly warhammer. Then I saw the pretty ball in his inventory!

The weapon merchant said that his seven year old daughter prefers the ball. When you throw it it helps you hit your target and delivers a gypsy curse that makes them easier to hit with other attacks, and then returns to the thrower! So something that I can use, looks pretty and can help my friends who are actually capable of fighting. It seemed perfect! The price was pretty high at two hundred dollars, but Rose said I need a weapon and I did like the idea of being able to do something when I didn’t have the energy to sing. I got Regal’s fire-spouting staff, but the more I examined it the more I didn’t think I’d be very good with it.
Eventually we were able to haggle the ball down to something I could afford if I spent my five dollars plus everything Charlie was still holding for me. Part of that was Nova giving the merchant some chocolate to take home to his wife.

I think all that made Rose happy. But the next part was definitely the best! We all went to a hot spring and got to relax and soak! I’d always wanted to go to a hot spring, it’s so much nicer than a regular bath! The heat really relaxes you. It makes your muscles feel like melting butter and gets rid of any aches from the day. Terra, Rose and I soaked in the hot spring. Nova got an ice bath next to us. I might have to try that next time. I think I remember Maester Forte telling one of the priests that an ice bath followed immediately with a hot spring is one of the five best experiences in this world.

Oh! And Rose taught me all about sex! I had no idea! Why didn’t Maester Forte or one of the priests ever tell me any of that stuff? Some of it would’ve been nice to know sooner, but there’s way too much to go into now. I’ll let you know if I get to use any of it though.

When we got back we found Jack and Charlie playing cards. Jack won.

The next day when we got to the coliseum it was completely shrouded in ominous black mist! Rose waited outside with the carriage, and we all went in! I was SO scared. Even Charlie was scared when we got to the spot where he’d been killed. And we saw the indent in the sand from which the gargoyle had been made. Then we crossed the bridge up to Alishtor’s castle, and the bridge collapsed behind us! I was so scared, I really didn’t want to be there!

That’s when I saw Alishtor for the first time! He is SO creepy! It’s unreasonable how creepy he is! He’s got this weird constant smile and I think he wears black lipstick… He had his ghost archers open fire on us and I got hit in the shoulder! It hurt so much! I don’t know how everybody else is able to keep going into battle when they keep getting injured like that!

Nova carried me to safety and the others ran alongside to reach the covered area under the portcullis. Nova hefted the portcullis up and let us all in. There we were faced with a ghostly knight named Ludwig. We talked with him for a while, but as it turned out we didn’t have an audience with the king and didn’t know the password (though we all tried our best to guess) the only other way into the castle was for each of us to individually defeat him in combat!

I really didn’t want to, wasn’t even really sure I could, but it was the only way–so what choice did I have? Ludwig duplicated himself so we all fought him at the same time, though we could each only affect our copy. Jack won quickly, and Nova mauled the original about as fast. Charlie opened with a powerful fire blast since Ludwig is a ghost, but had to fight harder after Ludwig got close enough to force Charlie to use his fists. Terra exchanged sword strikes with her copy for a while, but ultimately won out with reasonable efficiency.

As for me… Well, I couldn’t hit him with the ball and couldn’t risk singing. He couldn’t penetrate the force field from the amulet Charlie gave me–unlike the arrows from the archer. So we just sort of talked some more and failed to hurt each other repeatedly. After the others all won their fights and couldn’t do anything to help me with mine, I decided I had to risk the Lost Lullaby. It almost worked, but taking my attention off defense to sing let him smash my force field and cut me really bad!

I took another blow after that–and I told Ludwig I couldn’t yield because I had a duty too. I think we understood each other, but it was so sad we had to fight–and I was especially sad that I thought I was going to die. Finally Lost Lullaby worked.

We’d won, but I was so tired and I hurt so much! I can’t let the others know how much it hurts, because I know they take wounds like this all the time. My dress is ruined. But I guess now I understand better what my Hymn of Healing fixes. I’m really looking forward to singing it again–though Nova gave me some of the healing chocolate she makes and that helped so much. I won’t sing again until the others need it though. I can’t waste my energy selfishly when so much is at stake.

Maester Forte, I still don’t know how to fulfill my destiny. But at least now I finally believe it’s possible. If I’m willing to give my life I can do anything. I will achieve my destiny. I swear it. I have to stop being so selfish and think about what’s really important.

Thank you, Ludwig. I understand what I have to do now.


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  1. davidludwig says:

    Let’s see, a few candidates for quotes of the meeting;

    “I got knocked out by that guy?” -Nova after Emperor Regal was killed by his own mechanization.

    “My soul makes chocolate.” -Nova

    Then I’m not as good at gauging my own quotes, but trying an exchange between Melody and Ludwig.

    “Kittens!” -Melody
    “That is not the password.” -Ludwig
    “That was a battle cry.” -Melody
    “Oh.” -Ludwig

    Like to mention that I didn’t name the ghost knight–also his is the German first name “loo-duh-veeg” and I’m the American last name “luh-duh-wig”.

    Also a look into my process on this one–I hadn’t actually thought about what sort of drunk Melody would be before it came up in the meeting. I knew she wasn’t a drinker, and even that the odds of her acquiring a taste for any kind of alcohol were exceptionally low. Very much a tea-totaller.
    What I didn’t anticipate is the fact that she is both gullible and a bit of a doormat, and there could be characters (like Rose) who were determined to get her drunk.

    So on the spot I figured I’d roll a d4 to see what kind of drunk Melody turned out to be. 1-Sleepy Drunk, 2-Giggly Drunk, 3-Angry Drunk, 4-Flirty Drunk. So now you know and are probably all disappointed I rolled a 1.

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