Other Web Wednesday

Posted by davidludwig
Apr 11 2012

I had a thought that may delay the actual first real post of Other-Web Wednesday (where I visit other sites on the internet and talk about them back on this one), but maybe you can  weigh in with your thoughts on my thought.

The thought is maybe making this a more explicit opportunity for the originators of sites I consider worth visiting to do some self-promotion in the form of a brief interview posted along with my observations about their content. No idea if I could get people to talk about their own website for a post on mine, but it seems like the odds would be favorable. Any questions you’d like to see in such an interview?

Right now I’m thinking;

-How long has [website in question] been on the internet?

-Do you have other sites your fans should know about?

-What was your motivation for creating [website in question]?

-What would you most like to happen with [website in question] in the next year?

-Is there anything else readers should know about you or your website?

I think it’s probably too short notice to expect a response to something like this today (plus if I’m introducing you to some of my favorite websites I would like to know what you readers would like to hear from their creators about).

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