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Posted by davidludwig
May 09 2012

This week for Other Web Wednesday I’m examining the writing repository of Cara Michael’s, author and host of the Menage Monday blog challenge I participate in weekly,

I’m featuring Challenge Hosts first, in case any of you fellow writers are looking for a place to learn and grow with the writing community while also strutting your creative stuff. These blog challenges have been the best thing for my writing since my professor my first year of college told me I should try writing scripts.

The fun of Menage Monday is the interweaving of three prompts; a picture, a phrase to be included in your text, and a prompt chosen by the week’s judge–all of which must be incorporated within a 200 word story. Having three prompts, and the judges’ prompts can sometimes be unexpected, can allow for some very creative connections and fun both reading and writing entries. Also the competition features recognition of a Judge’s Pet as well as an overall Winner, along with Honorable Mentions, so your odds of achieving recognition are better than some competitions.

Next we have Cara’s own writing–which I am ashamed to say that I am very behind on reading. Her flash pieces are fully good enough to be a regular contender in the many challenges we both take part in–though as host she is of course ineligible for Menage Monday–and often weave into the world of “Gaia’s Chosen“, her science-fiction novel being released for download in segments.

I’ve only read the first segment, “Mayday Directive”, but Cara presents a smart character driven future world–both believable from the direction of real world science and celebratory of the fantastic elements that make epics like Star Wars so darn fun to experience (future swords!). Her writing is sleek and very sexy, so be warned if sexy isn’t your thing that Cara delivers it very well–even when she’s being subtle about it.

Now from Cara herself;

-How long has been on the internet?

Since March 2011. I’d started and abandoned blogs before. This is the one that stuck. I based the name on one of my favorite chronic misspellings on the web: defiantly / definitely. Usually I see ‘defiantly’ when the writer means ‘definitely’, but I’ve spotted my blog as ‘Definitely Literate’ in a couple places and it always makes me laugh.

-Do you have other sites your fans should know about?

My main site is All the really big news goes here… at least when I remember to update it, lol. I don’t rate a webmaster to take on those duties yet. I’m also on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

-What was your motivation for creating ?

At the time, I did it because it seems like writers are supposed to have a blog in this day and age. I didn’t have any expectations of having 150+ posts a little over a year later. I’ve grown to love my blog and I’m super pleased to offer content and challenges interesting enough to keep people coming back each week.

-What would you most like to happen with in the next year?

Between #MenageMonday and #WIP500, I’m plenty busy on the challenge front, so primarily, I’m wanting to add more book-related content (character bios, timelines, and such). I think any blog host hopes to see their visitor activity increase, too.

-Is there anything else readers should know about you or your website?

I’m just getting started, so check in often for updates.


And that’s another Other Web Wednesday. Feel free to check out the collection by clicking on the tag at the bottom of this post, or searching for it in the Search bar at the top of the right hand navigation bar. Also if you can think of questions for the websites I feature that I haven’t let me know in a comment and I’ll take care of it.

I should hopefully have things set up to make Other Web Wednesday a more regular feature now.

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