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Posted by davidludwig
May 14 2012

So there will be no new My Phone Monday post this week, because I’m fervently working on my Arel Wars Strategy Guide. For Helba and Juno at least the game desperately needs one, and since I couldn’t find any (except one for Vincent) I have taken it upon myself to craft my own strategy guide for the game.

Juno’s guide is done (my first and still preferred faction), but Helba’s is taking a little longer to complete. I do not anticipate any difficulties whatsoever with putting up my own account of Vincent’s campaign however.

I have beat the game with all three factions and am happy to answer questions if my guide doesn’t (either currently or in general) cover said questions. I am, however, playing through the game again with each faction (in Hard mode) as a refresher for what the missions were and what difficulties I encountered on my way through, so completion of the guides is somewhat contingent upon actually beating the game again.

And that’s the problem. Turns out there’s a difference between being able to complete a mission once and being able to repeat the performance–let alone explain how to complete that mission so someone else I may never meet can also complete it. As of right now I have 35/40 Stages complete in Hard Mode for Helba, but have stalled because of difficulties following my own recommended unit levels in Hard Mode (which I still think would be better labeled “New Game+”, but admittedly is quite Hard by the end).

You see, in Hard Mode the computer is fielding “x2” versions of the units you fight in the Normal play-through–and the units you get as quest rewards are also of the “x2” variety. That’s the only difference. Of course with the computer playing x2 units I also want to play x2 units–but the gold costs to upgrade x2 units is RIDICULOUSLY high.

This isn’t necessarily anything wrong with the game, upgrading x2 units being more expensive makes a lot of sense–and it is technically “Hard Mode”. However it is slowing down my ability to complete the last 5 Stages so I can post Helba’s walk-through as I already have for Juno’s.

If I could have one wish for Hard Mode–which is totally separate from my recommendations at the end of my Arel Wars Review to actually fix problems with the game–it would be that the units gained from replaying stages were also of the x2 variety, since selling those excess units would provide the gold necessary to upgrade the x2 units I’m keeping. So unlike the recommended fixes I don’t think this is necessary to make Arel Wars the game it should have been (should have been 5 Stars), and rather is just something I would personally appreciate.

Right now my intention is to without fail post Helba’s Strategy Guide this week. If I am unable to beat Hard Mode in that time, then I’ll just have to post what I’ve got and then update as necessary later.

That’s all for now.

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  1. davidludwig says:

    Okay, now posting Helba’s guide. I’ll finish the Skills section tomorrow, but the walk-through for all the Stages is now complete.

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