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Posted by davidludwig
May 16 2012

This Other Web Wednesday I’m featuring a site that I go to every week, but am ashamed to say I have yet to make a really thorough exploration of. Wakefield Mahon writes poetry, code, music and verse, makes videos and likely has even more talents I’m unaware of. What I do know is that he is an excellent flash-fiction writer, and host of the Motivation Monday blog challenge.

Wakefield is a student of stories, and knows the craft well across mediums and genres–so there’re are a lot of gems to find on his site, from his poetry to flash fiction posted to various challenges and collected on the site. I love his characters and relationships, and you can tell he knows what he’s doing from the way he brings things together.
So I am very excited to read his novel, “Jade Dreams” as soon as I get some time together. I’ve had my copy maybe a little too long without reading it, but it is finally at the top of my To-Read-List and I couldn’t be more excited. By Wakefield’s own description “Jade Dreams is a 33,000 word middle grade fantasy that uses anime, martial arts and magic to explore the ideas of multiculturalism, spirituality and identity.”
All things that I love and trust him to deliver brilliant. Also, I believe the actual legend of Mulan is involved in the story–which as much as I enjoyed the Disney Movie the real legend is much more exciting to me.

Now for the interview portion;

-How long has http://www.wakefieldmahon.com/ been on the internet?
The current incarnation of wakefieldmahon.com has been on the internet for two years.  I’ve had some form of web presence for most of the last twenty years.

-Do you have other sites your fans should know about?
I have a youtube site where I occasionally put up music videos and cartoon shorts:

-What was your motivation for creating http://www.wakefieldmahon.com/ ?
Originally, I put up the website to share my poetry and what I’ve learned in pursuing a semi-professional writing career.  Once I discovered writing challenges, I had to create one of my own and Motivation Mondays was born.

-What would you most like to happen with http://www.wakefieldmahon.com/ in the next year?
I’m hoping to expand Motivation Mondays.  We’ll have guest judges and I’m hoping to add some prizes and even create a separate website.

-Is there anything else readers should know about you or your website?
I’m currently working on two novels and over a hundred short stories.

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  1. Susi Holliday (@SJIHolliday) says:

    Over 100 short stories? Do you ever sleep?! Great interview, I’d love to see Motivation Mondays become its own thing. Its one of my favourites 🙂

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