Busy Times

Posted by davidludwig
May 21 2012

Well, another week with no new My Phone Monday review–don’t worry, there’s still plenty to review including some I highly reccomend. Just things have been and will continue to be hectic on this end for a few more weeks. Also I am working on finishing my Arel Wars Strategy Guide, so as to hopefully spare a few people the frustration I and it seems many others endured trying to figure out whether it was even possible to beat the game without effectively paying Gamevil a bribe to let you win (the answer is YES, you can win without paying them a cent–which is good because I still don’t approve of how grabby they are for money, even though if they weren’t so grabby I’d consider the game easily worth ten bucks, maybe fifteen).

Actually, I’ve already posted the strategy guides for the two factions I feel most need them–and there’s another easy to find strategy guide covering the humans. So I guess it’s more accurate to say I’m working on my human strategy guide for Arel Wars because I’m a completionist.

Also, no new posts this Friday or Memorial Day because I’ll be out of town. Other Web Wednesday is still on this week, and you’re very allowed to be mad at me if there isn’t one next week too. The other anticipated lapses however I ask that you not hold against me, as all of it is meant to merely keep the site fresh until I launch into my next big project–some of you voted on–in August.

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