Immediate Friday

Posted by davidludwig
Jun 01 2012

Let’s see, I think most of my forecasts this Friday are for the immediate future–way too much going on for me to be looking too far ahead just now. Things should settle down by July though, and then work will start in earnest on my fantasy novel come August… Perhaps I should poll you guys for a title.

The thing most immediate on my radar is the completion of my Arel Wars Strategy Guide, the fantasy tower defense game for smartphones that needed a strategy guide so badly I took it upon myself to write one. There are three factions identified by their Hero–Vincent, Helba and Juno respectively. I’ve already completed and posted the guides for Juno and Helba, who not coincidentally I feel most needed strategy guides, but I should have Vincent’s guide finished and posted some time tomorrow. I may go back and add hand-drawn artwork to make the guides more visually interesting, but for practical purposes they’ll be done.

Then you can just scroll down to the previous post to learn a bit about ‘Timony Souler and her Blog Challenges, the next Dice Games starting on this coming Monday–which I highly encourage you to sign up if you’re at all of a writerly persuasion, or just make note of who is signed up if reading’s more your thing.

Monday will in fact be a double-post day as I simply MUST make a My Phone Monday entry on the 4th for an iPhone game that has made me seriously consider taking back every bad thing I ever said about Arel Wars and its creator, Gamevil. This thing is so terrible I’m not sure I’m going to keep it on my phone, so I have to get the “My Phone Monday” entry in while it is still on “my phone”.

I will then vanish on June 12, and will be without web-presence until roughly June 25.

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