A Thousand Apologies

Posted by davidludwig
Jul 09 2012

Okay, maybe not a thousand apologies–I don’t feel that bad about it–but while I think I could resume my regular Monday/Wednesday/Friday post schedule this week and get away with it I am choosing to delay until next week so that I don’t do anything halfway and then waste your time with it.

Getting back up to speed after being gone for a while is taking more time than I think it should, but part of the pay off for you readers is that there’s a full fledged novel in the works and progress will begin in earnest for that come August. Please bear with me, or wait and come back later using the handy Calendar in the side bar to see what I posted when, and I promise when next I post it’ll be worth reading.

Until then maybe re-read some of your old favorites, check out the About Page or some other corner of the site linked above you maybe aren’t familiar with, or go back to the Super Flash Fiction post preceding this one and realize that’s really something you want to get behind.

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