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Posted by davidludwig
Jul 18 2012

The website I wanted to feature this week is that of my friend, Andy Isbell, an artist, writer, programmer… Actually the closest I’m aware of to a personal acquaintance who literally does everything. His website, Lambda Creations, reflects that well.

The site is very neatly laid out with links to his artwork, articles, written work and space holders for more like graphic novels as he completes them. He’s a very passionate person, and I think that shines through in everything he does. The site itself is still sort of in a developmental state, but that means you can get fully caught up in relatively little time and then watch for his weekly updates (Thursdays being his official update day).

There isn’t much else to say, except that no matter your interest there’s a decent chance there’s something for you over at Lambda Creations (or will be soon)–even if that thing is just the chance to see a modern renaissance man at work.

And now for the Q&A with Andy himself;

-How long has been on the internet?

-Since October of 2011.

-Do you have other sites your fans should know about?, my deviantart page

-What was your motivation for creating

-To have a place to put up all of my creations and post my thoughts about creating art and literature in general.

-What would you most like to happen with in the next year?

-I have a couple projects in the works, one which would be a chronicle of a world that’s semi-real, and then I’d love to set it up so commissions could be done in an easy format.

-Is there anything else readers should know about you or your website?

-I update on Thursdays, even though moving slowed me down for two weeks. Don’t be shy to leave comments on whatever!


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