Diabolical Deeds 2: Calu

Posted by davidludwig
Oct 23 2012

[see previous Deed here]


The girl was seized by a sudden cacaesthesia. Something was watching her. Something with feral yellow eyes.

Fists dripping blood, she proceeded into the caliginous depths of the underworld—senses alert for her lost cat as well as her mysterious stalker. Once the flicker of the fire lake was behind her, her stalker revealed himself.

“How dare you trespass in my domain?” The man-wolf snarled.

The girl’s bouncy hair and remorseless eyes shifted to the fiery hue of the lake, “I’m looking for my kitty. Have you seen him?”

The demon’s tail dropped between his legs and he pointed ahead.

3 Responses

  1. Emilia Quill says:

    I like the girl a lot, though I’m curious about her species 😛

  2. Meg McNulty says:

    I love her determination, “fists dripping with blood” sounds fearsome!

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