Diabolical Deeds 4: Stheno

Posted by davidludwig
Oct 25 2012

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With Humbaba dispatched, the girl was upset to find her cat had run off during the fracas. She didn’t have to go far, however, to hear a sibilant voice sussurate dire promises pertaining to lunch. A scaly gorgon held the helpless feline pinned with brass claws, and lowered her grinning face of sharp fangs wreathed in writhing red vipers to biting range.

“Unhand my kitty!”

“Of course, I’d be pleased to switch up for something more substantial.”

The gorgon released her saccadic snack and faced the girl, who pushed up her sleeves and went to work.

One Response

  1. Meg McNulty says:

    The dialogue here is beautifully tongue in cheek – nice contrast between the girl’s firm confidence and the gorgon’s sly malevolence. Sets up the story well.

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