Legend of Luth!

Posted by davidludwig
Oct 01 2013

As promised, I have another game to promote this week–though don’t forget to read about Shantae: Half-Genie Hero in the previous post! This time it’s a smaller, more personal, and at present totally free text-based game. Also it’s a game that I’ve personally contributed content to.

Legend of Luth is my friend Andy’s creation, a virtual board-game with a strong RPG vibe based on an actual board game he made in his youth! You can find more information and some relevant links concerning Legend of Luth on Andy’s Facebook Page.

My personal contributions to the computer incarnation of the game include a lot of the monsters, some events and items, and even one of the starting characters! Above you can see my rendering of the character, though I recommend heading over to the aforementioned Facebook page or Lambda Creations, which serves as a repository for Andy’s various arts and I anticipate will be the long-term home for all things Legend of Luth.

Bear in mind the game is in a highly unfinished state at this time, but fully playable. This is a great time to get in early and watch the game develop, and it could be a fun diversion even in its current state. Eventually it’s going to be one of those games you get geek cred for being able to say you played the initial text version back when there were only 3 characters.

Also note that the game is intended to be a difficult single sitting game–there is no saving, and there’s a pretty good chance of things going wrong for you. Once you figure out the ins-and-outs of the game the current version is pretty easy, but there’s still a lot more to come and learning those ins-and-outs definitely has a curve to it.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to buy and use consumable items from the Shop. They aren’t necessary, but they help A LOT.


–regarding this site itself, I’m getting it cleaned up and dusted out, but with the months of neglect this is a long process, but there’s actually a pretty good chance of another post or two this year before the return to regular posts come January–

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