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Posted by davidludwig
Oct 31 2013

An unexpected bout of sickness right at the end of the Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Kickstarter prevented me from informing you in a more timely manner;

Shantae is funded AND the Costume Swap Stretch Goal was met!!

This is awesome news that I am more than excited about–and now you can be as well because it means that I will be doing another Lost Girls/Shantae drawing before Christmas (I want to say before Thanksgiving, but don’t want to over promise in case of bizarre delays like the aforementioned sickness). It will be in the style of the one I did in the previous Shantae: Half-Genie Hero post on this site. Not the quick sketch style I’ve thrown together for this one–though more quick sketches may also be forthcoming, we’ll see.

This additional image will, as promised, feature the Lost Girls in variant Shantae costumes that came up over the course of the Kickstarter campaign–though if I missed any or you have any opinions on which girl should wear which costume please say so in the comments section of this post. It wouldn’t be much of a celebration without other people involved.

It seems worth reiterating that the TOP 3 costumes from the poll will be used with each girl in a different costume–and that each voter may select 3 costumes before submitting their vote. There appears to have been an early hitch where multiple votes were registered for the Harem Outfit–and I may not count all of them since I can tell which ones came from a single voter. It’s good to see some excitement for at least one of the costumes though.

Though if you’re the person who posted all those votes for the Harem Outfit, it also looks like the poll may have prevented you from selecting additional costumes–so let me know in the comments here what your other two picks are if you have any.

If somehow you missed out on the amazing Kickstarter you can still swing by and see what it was about at the Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Kickstarter page, as well as dig through for what the costumes in the poll actually look like if the name I came up with isn’t descriptive enough. Or you can ask clarifying questions in the comments here.

And if you’re kicking yourself for not pledging to get in on this amazing project, for an as yet unknown amount of time you can still get in on it through Paypal over at Way Forward’s website. The game’s funded, so if you ‘donate’ $15 or more it’s basically like pre-ordering what will be an amazing game for cheap, and any donations at all can still count toward the unmet stretch goals (more story chapters, more playable characters, full voice acting, sweet animated cutscenes) and make the game even better for everyone.

Don’t worry if your comments don’t appear right away, I have to manually approve posters who haven’t been approved before and there are some days I don’t manage to get online. They will be seen, appreciated and as appropriate responded to.

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