Mech Retriever

Posted by davidludwig
Aug 05 2016

I know I’ve been gone for a long time at this point–and I’m still not really back yet. But if anyone coming by here wants to know what I’ve been up to part of the answer to that is the latest App venture by Llux Studios, Mech Retriever, for which I am a play tester and a writer. Frankly I wouldn’t say my part is very large, mostly auxiliary, but the project is VERY cool and worth a look if you enjoy giant robots, good game design and/or retro sensibilities with modern implementation.


You can find more details on the project over at Mech and the actual fundraising campaign to make it a full app on Kickstarter.


My hope is anyone reading this will at least give Mech Retriever a look, and I promise someday I will return to this site more properly once I get my personal affairs more in order. (Also apologies if anyone’s comment has been buried in the spam filter during my long absence, there’s a good chance it’s lost now.)

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