Family Values

Posted by David A Ludwig
Mar 25 2019

I’m a little later than I intended getting up my entry for last week’s #MenageMonday hosted by Cara Michaels. You can swing by the original site for the prompts and other entries.

Judge Miranda Gamella awarded my Fantasy Fighter story the Judge’s Pet distinction, and I learned a little more about Hazuki’s family in 250 words.

Warm muted light from the stained-glass window blanketed the room in sleepy stillness. Tsukiko Akiyama gave in. The reasons she shouldn’t be there troubled her thoughts but could not stir her to leave.

She should be in America, in case her daughter needed her. Sacred energy was conspicuously absent from this old church. Even the hellfire in her companion’s eyes excited, rather than worried, her.

Sitting together on the floor of the desecrated church, Tsukiko ran her thumb lightly over Melantha Karahalios’ knuckles. Melantha leaned in and kissed Tsukiko with tender firmness that warmed her whole body like her respectable husband never had. Tsukiko felt beautiful again for the first time in too long.

Then the church doors were knocked in disruptively. A tiny old woman stood righteously in the unfiltered light of day.

“Mother!” Tsukiko gasped.

The old woman glowered at the two women before her.

“You dishonor your family! I raised you better than this, Tsukiko.”

Melantha looked between Tsukiko and her mother, licking her lips. For once, Tsukiko met her mother’s gaze with defiance not deference.

“Maybe you didn’t.”

“Your daughter is on a mission far from home, and you run off across the Atlantic? No. Further, I will not tolerate any blood of mine fraternizing with a demon!”

Tsukiko stood to tower over her mother.

“You smothered me with your expectations. I’m giving Hazuki her freedom. Hazuki is not me, and I am not you.”

The old woman sighed.

“She’s more like you than you realize.”

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